2ème édition des journées du GDR GRIMIT « Cellules souches

2ème édition des journées du GDR GRIMIT
« Cellules souches Mésenchymateuses, Matériaux et Microenvironnement des Tissus de Soutien »
20 & 21 septembre 2012
Deschepper M, Manassero M, Oudina k, Monfoulet L.E, Logeart-Avramoglou D, Petite H
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« The challenge of cell survival in tissue engineering»
Résumé (15 lignes)
Survival of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) has elicited a great deal of interest because of its
relevance to the ultimate efficacy of engineered tissues. In this study, we challenge the current
paradigm assigning a pivotal role to oxygen and test the hypothesis that exogenous glucose is key to
hMSC survival. We demonstrate for the first time that hMSCs can endure sustained near anoxia under
conditions of appropriate glucose supply. In this model, Hif-1-alpha, a key regulator of cell survival
and angiogenesis, was up-regulated by glucose. Of note, tissue constructs supplemented with glucose
and implanted in an mouse model exhibited a 4–5-fold increase in cell viability. These findings
provide the first direct in vitro and in vivo demonstration that glucose per se significantly reinforces
hMSCs survival. From the practical perspective of tissue engineering, these results identify glucose as
an essential component of the ideal scaffold for transplanting stem cells.
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