(1) Board Treasurer Job Description

Indiana Youth Soccer Association
Job Description
Title: Treasurer of the IYSA Board of Directors
The IYSA treasurer, jointly with the assistance of the finance committee and state office
staff, ensures that current records are maintained, reflecting the financial condition of
IYSA. These records will include cash, outstanding advances, investments, accounts
receivable and other assets, accounts payable, and fund balances (net assets).
Control all IYSA funds.
Participate in the preparation of the budget.
Serve as the chair of the finance committee.
Ensure that accurate books and records on financial condition are maintained.
Ensure that the assets are protected and invested according to corporate policy.
Ensure that IYSA complies with corporate and statutory reporting requirements.
Ensure that comprehensive financial reports to the board are prepared in a timely
and accurate manner.
Ensure that the complete records of the organization are available to the
individual or individuals preparing the annual financial statements.
Performs all duties incident to the office of the treasurer.
The treasurer reports to the President and to the IYSA Board of Directors.
The treasurer is supported by the finance committee, and the Executive Director and State
Office Manager (bookkeeper). IYSA will also retain an outside consultant firm to review
periodically the IYSA fiscal policies procedures. IYSA will also retain an outside
auditing firm to perform an annual audit.
As required to accomplish major duties.
The treasurer must display a commitment to IYSA and an understanding of the IYSA
organization and its principles, mission, goals, services, and the responsibilities and
relationships of governance and management and paid and volunteer staff.
The treasurer must also display the following:
An understanding of needs for IYSA services, as well as the financial and human
An understanding of the record keeping, accounting systems, and financial
An ability to work with the accountant or bookkeeper, and auditors as necessary.
The treasurer should have the opportunity to attend and to participate in training courses,
conferences, and seminars as appropriate.
Knowledge of the organization and personal commitment to its goals and
Understanding of financial accounting for nonprofit organizations.
Serves as financial officer of the organization and as chair of the finance
Manages, with the finance committee, the board's review of and action related to
the board's financial responsibilities.
Works with the Executive Director and State Office manager (bookkeeper) to
ensure that appropriate financial reports are made available to the board on a
timely basis.
Assists the Executive Director in preparing the annual budget and presenting the
budget to the IYSA Board of Directors for approval.
Reviews the annual audit and answers board members' questions about the audit.
From The Finance Committee, by Norah Holmgren, National Center for Nonprofit
Review the monthly computerized financial report, compare expenses with
budgets and income, identify and anticipate problem areas and work with the
finance committee and/or board members to correct those problems.
Assist board members and committee chairmen with appropriate financial
Assist with the development of a balanced budget.
Prepare and present appropriate reports.
Answer correspondence related to IYSA financial matters, as appropriate.
Communicate financial information to organization's members.
Assist with the process of audits.
Prepare a treasurer's report for the IYSA Annual general Meeting.
Oversee the financial aspects of board decisions.
Work to maintain a strong financial position.
Work with organization and the corporate accountant to develop a long-term
financial strategy.
Work with the auditor and organization in assessing the annual financial condition
of the organization.
Serve as a member of the strategic planning committee.
Annually review and revise, as needed, budget preparation materials.
Annually review and revise, as needed the treasurer's and finance committee
policies and procedures.