instruction sheets for Senior Day


Senior Memo #2

To: Seniors and Parents of Seniors From: S. McAbee, H. Hege, L. Bonifay, and S. Buchanan Re: Senior Day (

December 11 th

) Our upcoming “Big Event” is Senior Day on

Friday, December 11 th

. Career Center students are excused from classes that day, and should be at Reagan all day. To give you a heads up about the day’s activities and expenses, here are the highlights: Seniors should arrive at school at


and report to the

Auxiliary Gym

where they will be served breakfast. They will sign in at the appropriate table and be given their schedule for the day. Parent volunteers will be serving a Complimentary Senior Breakfast. We know that some of our Seniors ride the bus, so breakfast will be available until 9:15. After breakfast, the Seniors will report to the auditorium for a class-wide meeting facilitated by Mr. Martin and Mr. Cordray. Mr. McAbee will dismiss seniors by groups. Each group will participate in four stations – as outlined on the following sheets. Please pay attention to the following sheets as they outline what will be taking place, as well as what each senior must bring to that station. For those that have payments, we recommend that your Senior brings order forms and payments in

separate envelopes

with all forms already completely filled out. This will expedite the process for all 435 seniors. Upon completion of all stations, the class will convene in the Main Gym for the Senior Class photo. After the Senior Class photo, a pizza party has been planned by the Senior Class Council. You are also receiving a

permission form

(pink sheet) that will allow your Senior to

check out after lunch at 2:50

. Seniors who are not dismissed early will be reporting to their 4 th period class. If you wish to allow your Senior to leave school early that day, please have them


the form to

Mrs. Buchanan in room 321


Friday, December 4

. As there are numerous activities to complete during the day, we ask that parents refrain from checking seniors out earlier than 2:50. Please try to not have any medical appointments scheduled during this time as well. Finally, we are attaching a copy of the

extra ticket request form

(blue sheet) for graduation. Information about this document will be shared with the seniors on December 11. There will be

no make up day

for Senior Day, so it will be imperative for all Seniors to be present. You should also be aware that ordering caps and gowns, graduation announcements, etc. does


ensure graduation.

Station 1

Attached within this packet is your Josten’s order information. Before Senior Day, take the order form out of the packet. Complete all of the information at the top of the order form. This includes your height and weight.

ALL Seniors intending to walk in June must turn in this form in order to guarantee receiving a cap and gown.

The cost of the caps and gowns is $19.50 (plus tax).

Your cap and gown order does include the tassel used at graduation. Josten’s provides additional items including

graduation announcements, thank you cards, apparel, and other items.

Check the attached packet and order form for additional information about what is available for you to order.

The Senior Advisors would like to remind everyone that

announcements are NOT admission tickets to graduation in June.

Any apparel ordered from Josten’s is a generic Class of 2016 design, not Reagan specific. If you order the Essential, Senior, Mascot, or Mini Package, be sure to note that the price of the cap and gown is factored into the package cost.

If you don’t order one of the packages, be sure to put $19.50 as your “Product total this side” on the lower right hand corner of the front side.

You can also order items

a la carte

on the back of the form. If you do choose this option, be sure to put the total in the “Product total back side” on the lower right hand corner of the front side.

Be sure to calculate your tax. Multiply your order’s subtotal by 0.0675.

This will be what you enter on the tax line. Add the subtotal and your tax for your total payment. You will need to provide payment payable by


, or a

check /money order made payable to Jostens

. Be sure to read the Josten’s handout within their envelope regarding payments.


Every student planning on walking at graduation must bring the order form from within the Josten’s packet. Every student must have completed the Student Information section at the top of the page. Seniors choosing to order additional announcements / apparel / memorabilia need to complete those sections and bring the appropriate payments.

Station 2

Three important events are taking place in this station. First –

Mrs. Hege will be

collecting $40

from all Seniors who have not already completed their

Senior Fees

payment online (see below for online payment instructions)


This fee goes to pay for graduation ceremony expenses, Class Day expenses, Senior Class lunch, and your class gift contribution.

 Bring $40 cash, check, or money order.  If you are bringing a check, please include the

Senior’s name

in the Memo line.  Checks and Money Orders should be made out to

Reagan High School


Second –

Every senior will verify the spelling, accent marks, capitalization, and suffixes of their legal name with Mrs. Martin. This will be for your diploma. Your name must match your birth certificate.

Third –

Mrs. Fossa will be reviewing school debts with students who owe money or books to the school.

No student will be allowed to pick up their cap and gown in May if a debt is still owed to the school.

It is the student’s responsibility to guarantee he/she is debt free before May.


Only students who still need to pay their Senior Fees need to bring a payment.


1. Go to the

Reagan High School

webpage: 2. Click on the Quick Link (located on the left) title “

Online School Payments

.” 3. Select

Senior Fees

. Complete all requested info to submit your payment. 4. The program will notify Mr. McAbee that the payment has been made.

Station 3

Cap and Gown Portraits

will be made by


. Your package information is attached to this memo. Payment for ordered pictures will need to be made in full in the form of


or a

check / money order made payable to Lifetouch

. The cost will be determined by which packet you and your Senior decide to order.

If you are planning on ordering cap and gown photos, you will need:


will need to have a

“scoop-neck” top

to wear under the gown. Ladies

may choose to wear a very simple necklace



will need to bring a

white or off white dress shirt,

with a

dark neck tie.


Only students who plan to order cap and gown photos need to bring their payment. If you are ordering a class photo, be sure these are separate checks and envelopes.

Station 4

This station is an information meeting with Mr. McAbee.

Seniors will be receiving an information sheet at the meeting to bring home to parents.

Station 5

Attached to this memo is an order form with envelope for your Senior Class group photo. If you are interested in purchasing a group photo, you will need to bring your order and payment with you.

Keep this separate from your cap and gown photo order.

After seniors have completed their last station, everyone will report to the Main Gym for the class photo. All seniors are to be in the photo, regardless of the individual’s plan to order a photo. We encourage seniors who ordered the official senior apparel to wear it for the picture.


If you do choose to order a photo:  have your

cash, check or money order

made out to



NOTE – this is a separate payment from the one made in Station 3. Do not combine the payment for the group photo with your individual cap/gown photos.

 Be sure to complete the information on the envelope.