Chap 2, Section 2 Review, p.46 1. Explain why sample size is

Chap 2, Section 2 Review, p.46
1. Explain why sample size is important in determining probability.
A satistical sample needs to be large enough to represent the population from which it
was selected. Accurate results can only be assumed if sample size is adequate.
2. Explain what "the mean number of weeds in three plots of land" means.
This means that the results from three different plots were averaged together.
3. Describe three types of models used by scientists.
 Physical
3-D, closely resemble system or object
 Graphical
Maps, charts that illustrate data (positions or amounts)
 Conceptual
Show how things work, such as flow charts or steps in a process
 Mathematical Use equations to represent system, includes equations for predicting
weather, flash color images of data from satellites
4. Analyze relationships. Explain the relationship between probability and risk.
Probability is the chance that an event will happen. It is based on observations, data.
Risk is the probability of a negative outcome.
5. Applying ideas. Write a paragraph that uses examples to show how scientists use satistics.
 To summarize data
 To analyze data
 To characterize data
 To compare data
 To organize and interpret data
6. Evaluating ideas. Why are conceptual and mathematical modelsespecially powerful?
Conceptual and mathematical models are clear, more precise models. They help to
explain an idea or relationship in a way that is easy to understand.
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