Scientific Farming Vs Organic Farming

Scientific Farming Vs Organic Farming
Class: 2A
Group 3
Group leader: Wong Kin Kon, Tony (40)
Group member:
Chow Cheuk Yin, Tommy (8)
Fung Sheung Chi, Simon (10)
Hui Ying Kit, Steven (12)
Man Wing Ho, Victor (21)
Scientific Farming
Organic Farming
Advantages and Disadvantages of
- Scientific farming method
- Organic farming method
Comparison between organic farming and scientific
Our choice of farming method
P.7 - 8
Do you know that some of the food we eat is produced by farming?
Nowadays, although there are very few farmers in Hong Kong, farming is still
very important. There are two main types of farming methods. Do you know
what are they? They are scientific farming and organic farming. We will
introduce and compare them, and find out which one is better.
Rabbit kept by organic method
Scientific farming
They are to improve the water supplies, use the machine, use the
chemicals and improved the species. The purposes are to increase the farm
outputs, decrease the work of the farmers.
Organic farming
Organic farming is an agricultural method of plantation and feeding poultry
with natural principles. Organic farmers avoid artificial fertilizers and pesticides.
They will make use of crop rotation and discard recycling to keep the soil fertile.
This will balance the interest of beneficial and harmful species so as to the
growth of healthy crops.
Based on the traditional wisdom, organic farming also makes use of
newly-found scientific knowledge and advanced research results, such as
anti-pest and anti-disease new species, new natural enemies and new green
fertilizers, to produce healthy crops and ensure the well-being of human and
the Earth.
Advantages and Disadvantages of scientific farming method
Farm works can be done effectively
Have to open more farmland
Can employ less farm labour
May cause soil erosion and soil
Can increase the farm output
May lead to desertification
Can grow more crops in better quality Have to use more fuel, may cause air
Can make the plants easier to plant
May lead to salty soil
May affect our health
Can make the plants more nutritious
Advantages and Disadvantages of organic farming method
Can recycle the waste
The cost is expensive
Farming without using chemical
More land is used
Have more nutrition
Less pollution
Better taste
Organic farming plant
Comparison between organic farming and scientific farming
Organic farming
Scientific farming
More expensive
Taste of the product
More insipid
A tool to keep the animals and inserts away from the plant
Our choice of farming method
Although scientific farming is cheap, it causes more pollution. It will make
our living environment worse and worse. The nutrition of the food will be less
also. If we eat the food which is farmed by scientific method, we will be
unhealthy. And the taste of the food which is farmed by scientific method is
insipid also.
On the other hand, although organic farming is expensive, it causes less
pollution. The nutrition of the food will increase also. The taste is better too. So,
we think organic farming is better than scientific farming.
Organic fertilizer
After the field trip, I learn many things about farming. I am interested
in farming. Although farming is not common in Hong Kong, it is related to our
daily life. Besides, we also learn how to farm like a farmer. It is quite interesting.
I think farming is very hard and difficult. I wonder how farmers
can farm every day. I really appreciate them. I seldom have
an outing with my other classmates. This field trip is a great
experience to me.
Chow Cheuk Yin, Tommy
Most of our projects don’t need to go out to investigate on the spot, but
only find information on the net. This project requires us to investigate on the
spot so I have learnt the skill to find information on the place that we
investigate. And I found that a drop note is also very
important. It can help you to listen and analysis the data. I
hope that I can have more chances to know about farming
because it is so interesting.
Fung Sheung Chi, Simon
We always find information on the Internet. It is a rare experience to do a
project with investigating on the spot. In the farming part of the trip, I feel the
great effort the farmers have paid. Now I would not waste any crops of the
farmers. I also know a lot of things about organic farming. The
trip make me became more interested into this kind of farming
method. I hope I can have more chances to have this kind of trip.
Man Wing Ho, Victor
Geography, gives me a very boring feeling. Before this trip, I thought
Geography is just study the textbook and memories everything. But after this
trip, it totally changes my feeling of geography.
I have never had this kind of outing before, so I thought this was a waste
of time because it took away my P.E. lessons.
However, after this trip, I learnt a lot of things that cannot be found in
textbook, like I could have firsthand taste of farming. I did not think about how
hard the farmers are. But now I know that the farmers are very diligent in their
work. I just farmed for a while, it was quite tired to take the heavy tools for a
long time. So we should respect farmers. And we should also treasure our food,
it is not easy to grow, it needs a lot of time.
At last, I also admire the wisdom of the farmers. They think of
different methods to protect the crops. It is the things that I learnt
from this trip. I hope the school can hold more outing in the future.
Hui Ying Kit, Steven
Before going to the field trip, I think farming is easy. But after going to the
field trip, I think it isn’t. I know farming is very hard and difficult. The hoe is very
heavy, the weather is hot… so I think farmers are very great, they can work
under sun for a long time in summer and farm with a heavy hoe without feeling
very tired. We must thank the farmers for their hard-working of farming for us.
During the field trip, I also learn a lot about organic farming. Many of them
cannot be found on textbooks. So I think this field trip is very
useful to us. I hope we can have more chances to have outing
like this field trip.
Wong Kin Kon, Tony
Ann Lee (The tutor)
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