Gymnosperm survival on land

Biology 11
Evaluate the economic and ecological importance of gymnosperms.
Macmillan Biology
pp. 399 – 401
Read pages 399 - 401, starting from “Interaction With the Environment.”
Macmillan Biology Supplement
pp. 28 – 36
Read the FOREST MANAGEMENT and SILVICULTURE sections of the supplement
on pages 28 to 36.
See the photo gallery! Okanagan Fires of 2003
Nelson Biology, British Columbia ed.
Read “Ecological and Economic Role of Gymnosperms” on pages 265 and 266 up to, but
not including, “Alternation of Generations.”
Biodiversity in British Columbia
pp. 245 – 273
If you are interested in a fairly current and in-depth study of the forests of B.C., you may
wish to look at chapter 19: “Threats to Diversity of Forest Ecosystems in British
Links: Tree Book – Trees of British Columbia
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