Action Items for October 19th BRAC RTF Annual Membership and

Thursday, October 30, 2008 8:30 am
Snyder Memorial Baptist Church
1. Call to Order. Chairman Tim McNeill called the Board of Directors meeting to order at 8:30
am at Snyder Memorial Baptist Church. A Quorum was established.
Board Members in attendance:
Bladen County: Greg Taylor
Cumberland County Rep: Breeden Blackwell
Cumberland Municipal Alt: Ethel Clark
Harnett County: Tim McNeill
Harnett Municipal: Tommy Burns
Hoke County: Jean Powell
Lee County: Lesa Price, Ed Paschal
Lee Municipal: Cornelia Olive
Moore County Rep: Cary McSwain
Moore Municipal Rep: Bob Zschoche
Richmond County: Jim McCaskill
Richmond County: Thad Ussery
Richmond County Municipal: Daniel Kelly
Robeson Municipal Rep: Blake Proctor
Robeson Municipal Alt: Stuart Turille
Scotland County Alt: Kevin Patterson
Scotland Municipal Rep: Tom Parker
Paul Dordal: Executive Director, BRAC RTF
Other Attendees: John Harbison (BRAC RTF), Renee Siemiet (BRAC RTF), Dr. Jane Smith
(BRAC RTF), Don Belk (BRAC RTF), Tim Moore (BRAC RTF), Phyllis Owens (Fay/CC
Chamber), Wayne Grant (BAH), Anette Nordwall, Jonathan Charleston (The Charleston Group),
Maynard Smith (Global One), Roger Edmonds, Dave Larson (OEA), David MacKinnon (OEA),
Amber Levofsky (OEA), John Crumpton (Lee County), Theresa Thompson (Town of Lillington)
2. The Draft Minutes from the August 28, Board of Directors Meeting were reviewed.
ACTION: Approve minutes from August 28, 2008 Board of Directors Meeting.
MOTION: A motion was made by Greg Taylor to approve the minutes. The motion was
seconded by Breeden Blackwell. The motion carried.
3. Chairman’s comments: Chairman Tim McNeill welcomed everyone and thanked them for
4. 2008-2009 Officers. On July 17, 2008 the BRAC RTF Board of Directors approved an
amendment to the By-Laws, allowing for a third consecutive term for the Chairman. The
Board nominated Tim McNeill for Chairman and Tony Chavonne for Vice-Chairman. The
BRAC RTF will continue to act as Secretary and Treasurer.
ACTION: Request Board of Directors approval of BRAC RTF Officers for 2008-2009.
MOTION: A motion was made by Breeden Blackwell to affirm Tim McNeill (Chairman)
and Tony Chavonne (Vice-Chairman) for 2008-2009. The motion was seconded by Tom
Parker. The motion was carried.
5. Workforce Demonstration Program: Strategy 1 Presentation. On October 23, 2008 the
Executive Committee received presentations for two finalists for the Strategy 1 RFP. The
Executive Committee recommended approval of the presentation by TDA and partners.
Wayne Freeman presented the TDA proposal for the Strategy 1 RFP.
ACTION: Request Board approve selection and award of contract to TDA and partners to
conduct the Strategy 1 Resource Mapping & Gap Analysis.
MOTION: A motion was made by Blake Proctor to approve the selection of TDA and
partners and to award the contract to conduct the Strategy 1 Resource Mapping & Gap
Analysis. The motion was seconded by Breeden Blackwell. The motion was carried.
6. Comprehensive Regional Growth Program. The final Comprehensive Regional Growth
Plan has been reviewed by the BRAC RTF Staff and is ready for release. The plan
incorporates comments from the public. Wayne Freeman provided a briefing of the final
ACTION: Request Board approval to accept findings and final report from TDA on the
Comprehensive Regional Growth Plan and approval of release of the CRGP.
MOTION: A motion was made by Cary McSwain to accept the findings and the final CRGP
and approve the public release of the CRGP. The motion was seconded by Blake Proctor.
The motion carried.
7. Update from OEA. The Office of Economic Adjustment’s Deputy Director, Mr. David
Larson promised a continued commitment to partnership with the BRAC RTF. Mr. Larson
promised continued support for staff salaries, studies, and help in seeking federal funds for
region projects.
8. OEA Grant Application. Paul Dordal stated that the BRAC RTF has asked for a five month
extension to the current grant to allow critical actions to continue. The narrative, statement of
work, and budget justification underwent minor revisions after discussions with OEA, Ft.
Bragg, and Sustainable Sandhills. A MOP has been signed between Sustainable Sandhills and
the BRAC RTF allowing for the integration of staff. The Executive Director of Sustainable
Sandhills will be the BRAC RTF Director of Regional Planning and Sustainability and the
salary will be split between SS and BRAC RTF.
ACTION: Request Board Approval for follow-on 19 month OEA Grant Application,
pending OEA approval.
MOTION: A motion was made by Blake Proctor to approve the proposed narrative,
statement of work, budget justification, and the revised budget amount of $1,933,279 (with
the BRAC RTF allowed to negotiate the final amount with OEA). The motion was seconded
by Breeden Blackwell. The motion was carried.
9. Job Connection Website. Paul Dordal stated that Hensel Phelps has been awarded the $288
Million contract to build the new FORSCOM and USARC HQ. Hensel Phelps has stated that
they will hire locally and the BRAC RTF would like to connect job seekers in our region with
these jobs. Partners will include NCMBC and NC DOC. The BRAC RTF is working with
NC Department of Commerce to obtain matching funds. Jim McCaskill stated that this
initiative is important to the region and that small contractors will benefit as well.
ACTION: Request Board approval to fund up to $30,000 for job connection website to assist
local job seekers finding employment with Hensel Phelps and associated sub-contractors.
Funds are available under the U.S. DOL Grant.
MOTION: A motion was made by Blake Proctor to approve up to $30,000 for a Job
Connection Website. The motion was seconded by Breeden Blackwell. The motion was
Murchison Road Phase II. Paul Dordal stated that Spring Lake requested that the
BRAC RTF support their opposition to the proposed Phase II design of Murchison Road.
Phase I of the project is funded, but Phase II is unfunded and in the planning process. A
public hearing was held last week. The BRAC RTF would like to send a letter of support
from the Chairman to N.C. DOT in support of Spring Lake.
ACTION: Request Board approval of letter to NC DOT requesting redesign of Murchison
Road Phase II Plan.
MOTION: A motion was made by Blake Proctor for the BRAC RTF to send a letter of
support letter to the N.C. DOT on behalf of Spring Lake. The motion was seconded by Greg
Taylor. The motion was carried.
11. NC Center for Defense Innovation. Paul Dordal stated that the Center for Defense
Innovation would be located within the AADC and that the Center is envisioned to be a
cornerstone in the BRAC RTF’s efforts to economically transform the region and focuses on
building a knowledgeable and skilled region-wide workforce. Chancellor Anderson (FSU)
has agreed to take the lead on this project to form a Center for Defense Innovation, locating
numerous organizations and resources in one physical location. The virtual network has
already been started, and the Center for Defense Innovation is a continuation of this
initiative. The Gates Foundation has expressed interest in working with the region.
12. Kenan Fellows. Dr. Jane Smith provided an update on the Kenan Fellows Program. During
the discussion on funding sources to hire a Program Coordinator at the October 23, 2008
Executive Committee Meeting, two counties agreed to support the position. Support from
three or four other counties is required to hire a coordinator and begin a pilot program.
Counties would fund $5,000 a piece. Partial funding is needed to implement the pilot
program by 1 Jan 09.
Other Discussion. There were no further discussions.
Upcoming Events:
Next Executive Committee Meeting:
Thursday, November 20th, 2008 at 3:00 pm
Next Board of Directors Meeting:
Thursday, January 22nd, 2009 at 10:00 am
15. Tim McNeill thanked everyone for their attendance and stated that the Annual Meeting
would continue at 10:00 am. The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 am.
Submitted by:
Paul Dordal,
Executive Director,
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