coin toss description

Game Design – Coin Toss
In this game, 2 players (player1, player2) will bet on outcome of a coin toss
(“head” or “tail” - assuming a fair coin). Initially, the players place their bets in a winning
Assuming player1 selection represented by “head” (value 0), and player2
selection represented by “tail” (value 1), coin is tossed and depending on the outcome
(head or tail) the winning player’s score is incremented by 1 count.
At this point, the players are prompted to bet again or pass. In the case that a
player chooses to bet again, the other player has the options of 1) rejecting the offer
which leads to automatically losing the game (appropriate messages must follow) or 2)
match the bet which gets the game to continue.
The player wins the winning pot whose score is higher than the other player. In
case of a draw (tied) the winning pot is split.
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