Totley AC Committee Meeting Minutes

Totley AC
Committee Meeting Minutes - the Fleur 7.30 11/5/09
Present: Pippa, Jeremy, Richard, Ruth, Aidan, Pat, Don, Paul, Emma, Colin
Visitors: Richard Snowden
1. Apologies: Jan, Mark
2. Minutes of last meeting: Accepted by Paul & seconded by Don
3. Matters arising from minutes: there was a discussion about Grindleford Gallop as
well as the UK Athletics & membership form design.
4. Officers’ Reports:
Women’s Captain: Pippa reported on achievements at several races including
London Marathon, the 5 milers, 3 Peaks, Sheffield Half & Tigers Todger.
Congratulations to all those who did PBs etc. Pippa also gave a debrief on the Todger.
It was a great success but we learnt that we need to lengthen the finishing funnel, have
more drink available & we may need to update the software for the results. Don
agreed to speak to Nick Marwood & Nick James. Paul agreed to get some more race
mugs as the number of series entrants has about doubled.
Treasurer: The finances are healthy. We have bought a gazebo for about £50 & a
plumber has repaired a pipe in the hut for £34.
Social: The Pasta Night & the Egg Hunt were both successful. Forthcoming events:
1. Tuesday 9th June Colin’s Handicap with food in the Fleur afterwards
2. August 13th the Triangulator will be followed by a social evening.
Kit: Paul, Emma, Aidan & Jan have all agreed to help sell vests of all sizes.
Membership: 178 members, 27 new ones. It was agreed to continue to push those
who have not yet paid. EA form for £50 for Totley membership given to Colin. Jan &
Colin to liaise on final submission once individuals have paid. There then followed a
long discussion on London Marathon entries & a vote taken on how best to deal with
them. It was agreed that Colin will come up with a form of words for his proposal that
one entry should be prioritised for runners who have helped the club.
Website: Ruth made some points about the race pages & is learning some new
software which will speed up some of the pages on the web.
Men’s Captain: Aidan reported on some impressive Totley achievements at 3 Peaks,
Sheffield Half, London Marathon, Tigers Todger & the 5 milers. Damflask Relay will
be on Wednesday 24th June & teams will be decided although it was noted that it is
the day before Blackamoor.
Magazine: no report
Secretary: It was agreed to send an e-mail to all members inviting them to the Crown
after training but reminding them to clean up & dress appropriately. Colin pointed out
that few people take advantage of using the showers in the hut.
5. AOB: Richard Snowden went through the details of the arrangements for Totley
A complaint was received from one of the organisers of the 5 milers about a Totley
runners taking a short cut & being abusive to an official. It was agreed that Aidan, on
behalf of the committee, would give an official spoken reprimand to the runner.
Meeting closed at 9.0. Next meeting on 8th June at the Fleur, 7.30. Thank you to
everyone who attended.