Changes in The Secret Garden “Mary”


Changes in “The Secret Garden” “Mary”

Book by Frances Hodgson Burnett Presentation by Natalie Pickren

Change is linked through time

• • • Changed from when she first got to Misstlethwaite and at the end of the book Changed from thin to thick Changed from no friends to many friends

Change may be positive or Negative

• • • Positive Changed from sickly to healthy Changed from playing in a fake garden to playing in a real one Negative Changed from ignoring every thing said about her to always listening to things said about her

Change may be perceived as orderly or random

• • • Orderly Changed from not eating to eating all of her porridge Random Changing from being bored to all of a sudden going to the garden or Colin’s room Changed from a yellow, sickly face to a wide – eyed, red – cheeked face

Change is Everywhere!

• • • Garden changed from almost dead to wick changed from lonely to always played with Robin changed from no one to Ben Weatherstaff and Mary, to a “woman”, to a NEW family

Change can be tangible or intangible

• Tangible change in Colin’s back, it wasn’t bent, it was straight and handsome • • Intangible changed from always having a servant to doing things herself changed from no flowers to SMELLY flowers


• changed from not being able to walk to walking very well

I hope you enjoyed!