Reservation Document for (your name and date)

Reservation Document for Guaria de Osa
Osa Peninsula • Costa Rica
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Date Of Birth & Age:______________
Emergency Contact:
Dates of visit: ___-_____-______ to ___-_____-_____
(day) (month) (year)
(day) (month) (year)
Your Profession: _________________
How did you hear of us? __________
What is the intent of your visit? __________________________________________
Names of People Traveling with You:______________________________________
Children on Trip & Age:_________________________________________________
Please Check Which Applies to your visit:
Independent Traveler with a Vacation Package:__
Independent Traveler as a Volunteer:__
Participating in a Retreat:__
Event Title & Group Leader:__________________________________
Extra Nights Stay: # of Nights:_____ Dates:_____________________
(nights before or after a retreat or a vacation package)
International Flight Information: (please note your passport must be valid for 6 months beyond entry date)
Arrival Info:
Departure Info:
(day) (month) (year)
Arrival Time:___________
Departure Time:_______
City your Arrival Flight Connects from: _______________
If you are leaving Costa Rica on the last day of your visit, we recommend your departing flight leaves San José’s
Juan Santa Maria International Airport after 2 - 3 pm to provide enough time for transfers from the Osa Peninsula.
San José Hotel and Taxi Service:
San José expenses are not included in Guaria de Osa fees. Fares may be subject to change.
Upon Arrival:
Would you like a taxi from Santa Maria International Airport to your hotel?_______________________
Fare is $25 per transfer Taxi capacity: 3, shared fare. Please pay your driver directly.
Would you like a taxi from your hotel to Nature Air’s Airport in Pavas?_________________
Fare is $15 / transfer. Taxi capacity: 3 (shared Please pay your driver directly.
Upon Departure:
Would you like a taxi from Nature Air’s Airport to your hotel or to Santa Maria International Airport?__________
Fare is $25 per transfer. Taxi capacity: 3, shared fare. Please pay your driver directly.
In San José
Would you like us to reserve a hotel for you in San Jose?____
In order to reserve your room, please prepay at least 2 weeks before arrival directly to the hotel.
Name of Arrival Hotel in San Jose:_____________________Dates of Stay:_________________________
Name or Departure Hotel in San Jose:__________________Dates of Stay:_________________________
Personal Information:
Food Allergies:_________________________
Non-Food Allergies:______________________
Health Related Conditions & Medications our Staff should know about:____________________________
Are you a Vegetarian?______ Specific Dietary Needs:_______________________________________
(There is no extra charge for a vegetarian diet. However, to exclude other allergens there is a $10/day/person charge)
Would you like to have wine or beer? ______ (extra fees apply)
How well do you speak/understand Spanish?______
Travel Insurance
We recommend each guest purchase Travel Insurance with Medical/Evacuation Insurance during the duration of your
visit at Guaria de Osa.
Your travel agent can sell you travel/medical/evacuation insurance when you buy your ticket.
DAN (Divers Alert Network) for free medical evacuation only!
Medical/Evacuation Insurance
Name of Insurance Company:__________________
Policy& Telephone #:____________________________
Extra Fees: please acquaint yourself with the following links: Extra Fees, Tropical Nature Tours & Experiences, and
Cultural & Wellness Modalities located at:
Safety Rules & Disclaimer: For your best interest, please read this information located to the right of the sunset
photo at
Pura Vida! Thank you! Gracias!
As terms of condition for my travels to Guaria de Osa I agree to uphold, sign and mail the Hold Harmless Agreement
to: Sentient Experientials @ Guaria de Osa, PO Box 1004, El Cerrito, CA 94530 or Fax to California: (510) 215 – 9840
Please e-mail this Reservation Travel Document to both e-mails:,