«International Investment Law»
1. Course Description
a. Title of a Course
«International Investment Law»
b. Pre-requisites
knowledge of fundamentals of International law,
upper-intermediate level of oral and written English
c. Course Type (compulsory, elective, optional)
d. Abstract
International Investment Law is designed to provide students all the notions and tools necessary
for the analysis and performance of complex legal issues related to international investment
transactions. During this course participant will learn about specific system of law which
comprises bilateral and multilateral investment treaties (such as NAFTA and the Energy Charter
Treaty) and treaties governing settlement of inter-states and state-investor disputes. This course
is based on extensive case-law in the field of protection of investors and investments.
2. Learning Objectives
Students should gain knowledge, skills and competences in the field of International Investment
Law, which will allow them to make research, analysis and solve cases on the basis of
international and domestic legal sources.
3. Learning Outcomes
Students should gain:
– knowledge on main sources of International Investment Law, national legislation of the
Russian Federation, governing the legal status of foreign investors, minimal standards of
investments' protection, measures of protection in case of expropriation.
– skills on interpretation and application of sources in sphere of International Investment Law,
analyze judicial and arbitrage practice in the field of investments;
– competences on research, analysis and solving of cases.
Course Plan
The history and evolution of international investment law.
Legal relation of an international investment.
Notions of foreign investors and foreign investments.
Legal sources of International Investment Law
Bilateral Investment Treaty Standards
Protection for cases of Expropriation
Dispute Resolution
8. Reading List
a. required
Sornarajah M. The International Law on Foreign Investment. Cambridge, 2010.
b. optional
 Subedi S.P. International Investment Law: Reconciling Policy and Principle. Hart Publishing,
Dolzer R., Schreuer Ch. Principles of International Investment Law. Oxford, 2012.
Salacuse J. W. The Law of Investment Treaties (Oxford International Law Library). Oxford,
Vandevelde K.J. Bilateral Investment Treaties: History, Policy, and Interpretation. Oxford,
Van Harten H.H.A. Investment Treaty Arbitration and Public Law (Oxford Monographs in
International Law). Oxford, 2008.
9. Grading System
Written exam and tests during the course.
10. Guidelines for Knowledge Assessment
Students should demonstrate their knowledge of basic categories of International Investment
Law and ability to solve cases in this field.
11. Methods of Instruction
use of interactive educational technologies (lectures; work in small groups);
Socrates method
12. Special Equipment and Software Support (if required)
Power-point, LMS, Internet.
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