Updated 8/4/2015
June 22-25/July 20-23
Senior Portraits
August 20
Senior Transition Night. 6:00 Commons area
August 25-27
Senior Portraits (Room 408 from 3:00-7:00)
August 28
Forms for senior shirts available through English teachers.
August 3-14
August 17-Dec 18
Jan-Mid May
Yearbook $80
$90/ May 16 - $95
September (TBA)
Deadline to choose portrait for the yearbook. Photos will need to
be taken at Prestige Studio in Fayetteville by appointment.
Sept 1 – Feb 29
Pay senior fees of $130 (these fees include the cost of the cap
and gown, diploma, diploma cover, graduation programs,
graduation ceremony, grandparents’ breakfast, and
miscellaneous senior activities). Payment can be brought to
Ms. Tingle in the front office (made out to UGHS)
Oct. 2
Senior yearbook ad deadline-$25.00 discount
October 30
Senior Night at the football game. Wear your senior shirt.
Only seniors and their parents who have participated in fall
sports/band will get in free…all other seniors must pay admission
November 6
November (TBA)
***Yearbook ad final deadline (no late fee)
Turn in announcement orders during lunch to the Balfour
representative. Checks payable to Balfour.
Announcement orders can only be placed through Balfour
online beginning October 5th@
**Announcements are sent to friends and relatives telling them you are graduating. TICKETS will be given in May for the
people you want to attend the graduation ceremony. The number of tickets given to each student will depend on the
number of students graduating. Tickets are required for entrance into the graduation ceremony.
November 10-11
November 13
Senior lunch orders taken
Lunches delivered
November 20
Yearbook ad late fee deadline-no ads accepted after 21st.
December 4
Announcement orders due during lunch to the Balfour rep.
**Note- Announcement orders must be mailed to Balfour if you did not order them at school.
All seniors must turn in a cap and gown order form. If you do not graduate, your money will be
refunded. If you do not purchase the school announcement by Jan 22nd, you will need to obtain
announcements on your own from local print shops.
Cap & Gown photos- date and time TBA
March 1
Senior Fees now include the late fee of $10. Ordering price
becomes $140.
April 11
Senior Fees now $150 ($130 + $20 late fee)
April (TBA)
Announcement Delivery
April 30
May 2
Senior Fees now $160 (Payable in cash to Ms. Tingle in front
May (TBA)
Senior lunch orders taken
Lunches delivered
May 11
Cap & Gown distribution during lunch.
May 12
Honors Night
Senior Exams – Count 20% of your semester grade
May 22
Baccalaureate 4:00 @Eagles Landing Baptist Church
May 24
Grandparent’s Breakfast 9:00 a.m.
May 24
Large group cap and gown picture 8:30 a.m. (Approximately
$20.00 for a serious and/or a non-serious pose)
May 25&26
Graduation Practice...attendance is mandatory for
participation in the ceremony
May 27
Graduation Ceremony --UGHS Football Field 7:30 p.m.
All seniors, male and female, will be wearing burgundy robes with a silver graduation collar. Dark shoes are to
be worn by males and females. The graduation exercises for UGHS seniors will be a formal, dignified
ceremony celebrating their academic accomplishments. Students and their guests are asked to conduct
themselves accordingly. It is a student’s choice whether or not they wish to participate in the graduation
ceremony. If they do not wish to participate, their diploma may be picked up in the counseling office the
Tuesday after graduation.