Cycle 3

Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions
LOTE Department
Spanish 3A Magnet Syllabus- Fall Semester 2014
Teacher: Sra Boyd
[email protected]
Text: Realidades 3 (Scope and Sequence details are provided at the beginning of each unit.)
Objective 1: Communication
Using age-appropriate activities at the novice levels, students will understand and respond to
routine questions, statements, or commands. (listening and speaking) Students will demonstrate
skills and concepts that result in reading and understanding routine expressions and familiar
vocabulary (reading) Students demonstrate skills and concepts that result in the production of
essential messages in everyday situations. (writing)
Objective 2: Cultures
Students will gain concepts that result in knowledge and awareness of the history of other
cultures using age-appropriate activities at the novice level.
Objective 3: Connections
Students will recognize and assess knowledge of other disciplines through a foreign language
using age-appropriate activities at the novice level.
Objective 4: Comparisons
Students will demonstrate understanding of the nature of language through comparisons of the
language studied and the student’s own language using age-appropriate activities.
Objective 5: Communities
Students will participate in situations in the language both within and beyond the classroom using
age- appropriate activities.
Cycle 1
Weeks # 1 & 2- Introductory Unit
Communicate in the present tense using adjectives appropriately. Talk about
school and non-school daily activities Apply accents to words by natural
emphasis or a written accent.
Present indicative tense, irregular verbs, stem-changing verbs in the present
tense and reflexive verbs
Vocabulary: Daily activities, help around the house, errands
Journal entries, párrafo sobre tu fiesta o evento favorito del año.
Short stories- selections from text and El Sol
Communicative Activities and partner conversations
La Catrina Episodio 1: Listening comprehension quiz
Daily activities of young people
Assessments: Two quizzes, Workbook assignments
Weeks # 3 & 4
Talk about weekend activities; describe special events and celebrations; Review
and practice possessive adjectives
Verbs that conjugate like gustar, possessive adjectives
Entertainment, events, celebrations, television and movies, traveling
Journal entries, Workbook writing activities. Write a postcard as if on vacation
describing some attractions
Short stories; Las Peliculas-text p.10, Dias de vacaciones- p. 13
Communicative Activities , Oral presentation- Mi vida
La Catrina- Episodes 2 & 3: Listening comprehension quiz
Skiing in Bariloche, Argentina
Two quizzes, Workbook assignment, role-playing, Unit test- Para Empezar (PE)
“Yo” poster and presentation (major grade)
Grammar: Double object pronouns, Indirect Object Pronouns, Preterit and Imperfect, impersonal
“se”, review of “gustar” and like verbs, Commands (familiar and formal, affirmative and
Vocabulary: athletic events, competitions, goals, prizes
Reading Comprehension: Dos aventuras, El Iztaccihualtl y el Popocatepetl
Orals: Una experiencia inolvidable, Una competencia escolar, un viaje al parque
Writing: Journal entries, one paragraph to turn in
Listening Comprehension: La Catrina, episodes 4-6
Culture: Outdoor activities in the Spanish-speaking world (video), Puente a la cultura
Major Project: TBA
Major Collaborative Unit Test
Cycle 2
Objectives: Reading, writing, speaking, and listening applications of “ser” versus
“estar”, negative versus affirmative expressions, and command forms, both familiar
and formal using appropriate vocabulary and syntax.
Capítulo Dos
Grammar: , Imperfect and Preterit verbs with distinct meanings
Capítulo Tres
Grammar: Mandatos familiars (afirmativos y negativos), Mandatos formales (afirmativos y
Vocabulary: La salud, la sanidad, la nutrición, el estilo de vida, los síntomas, las remedias
Reading Comprehension: Un juego muy antiguo, ¿Al club o a comer?, ¡Cambia tus hábitos!
Orals: Una vida más sana; Partners: Argumentos en favor de/contra la comida rápida
Writing: Por una vida más saludable
Listening Comprehension: La Catrina, episodes 10-12
Culture: Ancient remedies, treatments
Major Project: TBA
Major Collaborative Unit Test
Cycle 3
Objectives: Reading, writing, speaking, and listening applications incorporating the
future tense, future of probability, professions, and future relationships.
Capítulo Seis
Grammar: El futuro;el futuro de probabilidad
Reading Comprehension: Profesiones, Rima LIII, Gustqavo Adolfo Becquer
Listening Comprehension: La Catrina, episodes 13-14
Major Project: TBA
Major Collaborative Unit Test
Semester Exam Review
Semester Exam
The language will be practiced and promoted through a variety of oral and written activities and
students will be encouraged to respond in the target language. Reading skills will be enhanced by
using short stories and authentic materials. The students will be exposed to many different types
of speaking in order to facilitate their oral discrimination and to improve their ability to pick up
salient facts and ideas presented orally.
Evaluations will be conducted by using different methods and techniques that will reveal
students’ strengths and weaknesses. Some of them will include: multiple choice, sentence
completion, essays, oral presentations, projects, final exams, etc. Grade evaluation will be
determined by the course level:
Major Grades45%
Tests/Projects/ Class Participation
Daily Work20 %
Class assignments, notebook, and journal
Realidades 3 textbook, workbook, el Sol magazines, La Catrina video series
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