Mr Blaizot Ludovic (19

AG, 51 year-old female cleaning supervisor
Treatment: 12 days; 6A+6M+2H+HP - £490
An exhausted woman suffering severe pain on her neck, shoulders, upper back, arms, elbows,
knees, calves, and feet. She also suffered dizziness, constipation, bloating, and dryness. She had to
take more than an hour to fall asleep and had been waking up tired for the last 2 years. She also
suffered a number of WAD symptoms such as hair loss, poor memory, tinnitus, lower back pain,
cold hands and feet, and fatigue. Her energy level was 2-3/10. She used to get tired by 2 pm. Most
of her symptoms developed in the last 2 years.
Observations: The patient had been having problem sleeping for 2 years waking up tired. At around
the same time she developed dizziness and tinnitus. Her legs became heavy, her memory and
concentration bad, hands and feet cold. About 1 year ago pain developed on her neck and various parts
of her body. The pain in her calves going up the stairs was killing her. Her hair began to fall off; she
also suffered dizziness, constipation, bloating and dryness.
In September 2009 she was hospitalised for 2 weeks because of severe pain in her neck. The diagnosis
was stress. She suffered chronic fatigue for 2 years, energy level 3/10; she was anxious and depressed,
stress level 7/10.
She started treatment on 18 July 2010. Three days later she reported that she had been sleeping better
waking up more fresh; energy improved to 5/10. Pain everywhere had declined, there was no dizziness,
and her bowel movement had improved to once a day. Tinnitus was much improved, almost
On 23 July she reported that she was more enthusiastic to go to work. Her memory and concentration
had improved, and her legs were less heavy. Two days later she reported that she was falling asleep
easily – used to take more than 1 hour, and energy had improved to 6/10. Dizziness was almost cleared,
legs no longer heavy, pain reduced everywhere, and her stress had declined to 4/10.
On 30 July she reported that she continued to sleep well. Energy had risen to 7/10. She could walk
everywhere and was staying up later into the night – she used to feel tired by 2 pm. Stressed reduced to
3/10 and she had pain/aches only on her lower back, 2/10; and knees, 3/10. There had been no more
dizziness, her memory and concentration were good, her hands and feet warm, her legs no longer heavy,
bowel movement twice a day – bloating ceased some days back, and her hair was stronger, hardly
falling. In short, all the symptoms had disappeared except the pain/aches on her lower back and knees.
The difference 1 treatment and 3 days made
The patient reported 3 days after her first treatment that her energy had increased from 3/10 to 5/10.
Pain had declined on all fronts, her constipation gone, as well as the tinnitus that she had suffered for 2
What brought about this remarkable improvement?
Even we are impressed by the patient’s astonishing recovery. Except for the fact that we did not
specifically treat her for tinnitus, we might have claimed credit. This case illustrates, like all other cases
in the study do, that the healing power that a restored sleep function produces is just incredible. This
power is natural, available freely in abundance - the best cure in modern medicine,
The pain in her neck that kept her in hospital for 2 weeks raises a question that needs an answer
The last time the patient mentioned pain in her neck was 27 July. The only pain left on 30 July was on
her lower back and knees. Given the fact that the patient’s recovery is no more unusual than other cases
in our study, it begs the question why pain patients are sent to hospital and not to our clinic, at great
expense to the NHS, the patient, the economy, as well as the treasury?
Inexplicable waste of public funds that results in her patient suffering even more
At the time when the NHS is forced to make massive savings and schools projects have to be
abandoned, there can be no excuse for this inexplicable waste of public funds.
The two weeks in hospital had done the patient no favour. She had weakened further and been suffering
even more since. We cured her not only her pain, but also gave her back her life.
18.07.10 – Dr. Zhang
1. Sleep bad, wake up tired 2 y.
2. Dizziness 2 years (“y”), used to be worse, dizziness every day for 2-3 months, now only
3. Chronic fatigue 2 years, Energy Level (“EL”) 3/10. Hard to get up and ired by 2 pm.
4. Neck pain, 1 year. 2 weeks in hospital September 2009 for neck pain diagnosed caused by
stress. Pain Level (“PL”).7/10.
5. Shoulder pain, 1y PL8.
6. Back pain 1y, PL7.
7. LBP 1y, PL5.
8. Arm and elbow 1y, PL4-6.
9. Knees pain 1y, PL7.
10. Leg pain – calf muscles killing her going upstairs PL 10.
11. Knees, elbows, neck all crick.
12. Feet pain 1y, PL8.
13. Heavy legs 2y.
14. Constipation, mostly difficult to pass motion, bowel movement once 2 days.
15. Bloating – last 2 weeks stomach feel like a lemon – acidic, heavy. Bloating just by eating a
16. Flatulent
17. Poor circulation - Hands and feet cold 2y.
18. Tinnitus 2 year.
19. Falling hair 1y.
20. Depression, stress and anxiety, Stress Level (“SL”) 7/10.
21. Poor memory. Hard to concentrate 2 years, difficult to remember names and numbers.
Tongue: Dark. Coating: Thin
Pulse: Deep and tense, weak.
Diagnosis: Excess heat; BM, Qi, Blood Stagnation. Liver and KFD.
Treatment fundamental: Open the BM to stop the pain. Clean the excess heat. Restore the liver and KF.
Treatment: A+M+H
Treatment Programme: 3 sessions 1st week; 2 sessions 2nd week; 1 after pain ceases.
21.07.10 – Dr. Shen
Sleep improved, waking up morning fresh. E/L rose 3/10 to 5/10
After first treatment felt better, all pain reduced.
Neck pain PL5.
Pain in shoulder PL5 before PL8.
Upper back pain PL7
LBP PL 6/10.
Knees pain PL7/10.
Feet pain PL5/10.
Head front feeling heavy this morning, sweating for the first time. Still feel heavy from
10. No dizziness.
11. Stomach better.
12. Bowel now once a day.
13. Bloating much better.
14. Tinnitus much better, only a little bit. Gone since after 1st treatment
15. Depression, stress same SL7/10.
16. Other symptom same before.
Tongue: Red. Coating: Thin and White
Pulse: As before.
Diagnosis: As before.
Treatment fundamental: As before.
Treatment: A+M
23.07.10 – Dr. Zhang & Dr Liu
1. Sleeping so well don’t want to wake up.
2. Feel much better in morning, more enthusiastic to go to work, same EL5.
3. Heaviness on head completely gone.
4. Shoulders feel hot (feel heavy). PL5.
5. LBP PL5. Don’t feel pain when walking and working. Pain sitting down.
6. Stress reduced 5-6/10 before SL7.
7. Much less bloating now 5/10 before 7/10
8. Bowel once or twice a day before 3 times a week.
9. Both arm move better - very heavy before 6/10 now 3-4/10.
10. Legs not so heavy. Before 6/10, now 3-4/10.
11. Neck and shoulder feel burning.
12. Pain in feet same.
13. Tinnitus gone.
14. Hair same.
15. Memory better.
16. Concentration better.
17. No reflux since 2 months.
Tongue: As before
Pulse: As before.
Diagnosis: As before.
Treatment fundamental: As before.
Treatment: A+M
25.07.10 – Dr. Zhang
1. Sleeping through very well. Falling asleep easily.
2. Tired little bit reduced, EL6.
3. Dizziness nearly clear, only feel it occasionally
4. Head heaviness gone since last treatment.
5. Tinnitus and deaf much better, hardly noticeable.
6. Memory same.
7. Concentration same
8. Hair falling out less
9. Hands warmer but feet still cold
10. Shoulder PL5.
11. Neck PL4.
12. Back PL5.
13. Knees 3/10.
14. No pain elsewhere
15. Legs not heavy
16. Stress and anxiety improved, SL4.
17. Urination colour yellow look like orange.
Tongue: Dark and teeth mark around, Coating: White and thin.
Diagnosis: As before.
Treatment fundamental: As before.
Treatment: A+M+ HP.
27.07.2010 Dr Zhang
No dizziness.
Tinnitus gone.
Energy level 6/10.
Stress level 4/10.
Bowel movement 2 times a day.
LBP 3/10.
Knees 4/10.
Tongue: big. Coating: Thin and white
Diagnosis: Excess heat; BM, Qi, Blood Stagnation. Liver and KFD Yin.
Treatment fundamental: Open the BM to stop the pain. Clean the excess heat. Restore the liver and KF.
Treatment: A+M
30.07.2010 Dr Zhang
1. Continues to fall asleep easily. Sleep through waking up fresh. EL increased again 7/10.
2. Now can walk everywhere. Stay up later at night. Used to be tired early afternoon but
couldn’t fall asleep.
3. Stress and tension reduced, SL 3/10. No longer depressed. Patient is happy.
4. Dizziness gone.
5. Tinnitus 2 years gone since 1st treatment.
6. Bowel movement 2 times day.
7. No bloating since some days back.
8. Appetite is normal.
9. LBP PL2/10.
10. Knees pain PL3/10.
11. All other pains gone
12. Legs no longer heavy.
13. Hair stronger, hardly falling.
14. Memory good, can remember things.
15. Concentration good. Work much easier than before.
16. Hands warm also feet warm.
17. All other symptoms gone
Tongue: tip red.
Pulse: Deep and tense.
Diagnosis: Excess heat; BM, Qi, Blood Stagnation. Liver and KFD Yin.
Treatment: A+M