We hope that you’re enjoying the summer even though it has not been the weather we have hoped
A Reminder that hydro statements are due July 7th payable by cash or debit.
Here are the confirmed events for July:
EUCHRE – July 11th at 7:30 pm
WET WAGON RIDE– July 25th at 3:00pm
WINE AND CHEESE– July 18th in the Social Hall from 2pm-5pm (Adult’s only Event)
**Also there is a new social activity …CRIBBAGE is played in the Social Hall every Wednesday.
Bring some quarters to play this exciting card game.**
Confirmed events for August:
BINGO– August 1st
50/50 – August 1st sold in the afternoon
POKER –August 2nd at 2pm in the Social Hall
EUCHRE – August 8th at 7:30 pm
WET WAGON RIDE- August 8th at 3:00pm meet across from the pool and get your water guns ready!
Location: Piper’s Glenn- 1:00pm Shotgun start!
Tickets will be sold at office—pricing to be determined
Details to follow (9 holes, light meal and cart included in price)
HALLOWEEN- August 22nd Trick or treating at 7pm – SPOOKY WAGON RIDE at 6pm
. Municipal News
**This is a reminder that the water restriction is still in effect for this area. Fines will result if you
are not watering during the assigned watering hours. Even numbered sites and lettered sites
water on even numbered days between 7:00 am and 9:00 am and 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm.
Similarly, odd numbered sites water on odd numbered days at the same times. Use of water at
other times is not permitted. **
**Health Unit regulations do not permit beverages of any kind in the pool enclosure. Clear
water bottles are acceptable with water only.**
Municipal Tax bills will be going out in early August. Payment will be due by August 16th,
****A reminder that Fall Fees are due on or before September 15th 2015****
Trailer Care
Campers need to be reminded that conservation is the key during the hot weather. Kenorus
Campground is not responsible for a loss of power when individuals are not monitoring and regulating
electricity usage properly. When you are leaving your trailer, please turn off the air-conditioning.
It takes minutes to cool off a trailer. Air conditioning should be set at 10 degrees Fahrenheit
below(warmer) than the outside temperature for the unit to work properly. Electric water heaters also
use a lot of power. So, if you wish to have power at your site, keep the air conditioning at a
reasonable level. Use fans, turn off the air when you are not in your trailer and turn your water heater
to propane as it is much more efficient and does not use hydro.
Please use a holding tank additive such as Septo Green. These enzymatic (non chemical)
products assist in breaking down the contents of your tank so you will not have a septic plug.
Holding tanks should be kept closed to allow the product to do its job and once the tank is full
they should be released. This ensures a forceful expulsion so that the tank is cleared
Please let us know if you are having service work done on your trailer. If you do not know the
exact date of arrival of the service person just give us a possible time frame. We DO NOT
allow service people to come into the campground to your site nor do we give them your key
unless we have had permission from you. If we do not receive permission for someone to do
work on your trailer/drop off supplies, they will be turned away at the gate.
Now that summer is here transient gate cards are at a premium, so keep your seasonal gate
card in a safe place!
ALL visitors……..
MUST be signed in at the office upon arrival – no matter how young or old (i.e. family members not covered
by your contract -parents, married children, grand children and in-laws). If you have a visitor pass, your guests
still must be registered! We prefer that your visitors should arrive while the store is open so we can get them
registered. If this is not possible please have your guests arrive the following morning, or pre-register them
prior to their arrival. It is very important that we know who is in the park at all times – this is for your own safety!
A reminder that visitor fees are $3.00/person + HST for the day or $6.00/person + HST for the night (expiring at
12:00 pm the following morning). Visitor fees apply to persons 2 years of age and older. Please take the
time to register your guests. Unregistered guests of a seasonal will result in a red flag. Thank you for your
A great big thank-you to all of the people who volunteer to make this park enjoyable for all.
It is greatly appreciated!
As some of you have seen our pool tables have been moved to the social hall to make room in our
new Wi-fi lounge. This is a comfy place to sit and read while waiting for laundry or play your favorite
game on your tablet, pay bills etc. We welcome any feedback or recommendations for this new
addition to our park.
****Calling all volunteers…..****
Presently August 1 Bingo has only 1 volunteer. Labour Day weekend Bingo has NO
volunteers. In order for those events to run 2 volunteers are needed.
The Scavenger Hunt needs a volunteer as well. Last year the hunt was held the first Saturday
in July. We are open to dates that suite the volunteers.
Happy Camping!
Kenorus Campground
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