Teen Living Current Events

Teen Living Current Events
The purpose of current events is to broaden students’ awareness of current events and to
increase their critical thinking skills as they analyze news events.
Every TWO weeks you need to turn in a Teen Living Current Event. You need to choose an
article from an ACCREDITED daily or weekly newspaper or magazine (online or printed).
(This means that you must know who wrote the article and it cannot come from a blog
website.) The article must be on a topic that we discussed the previous week. The article
must be at least five (5) paragraphs in length and must be no older than SIX MONTHS.
Your report is due by the dates below and the article must be stapled behind your write up.
Extra credit will be given for reports turned in early.
Your report MUST include the following:
Title of the Article:
Name of the Publication:
Date of the Publication:
Summarize the main points of the article in your OWN words. Your summary needs to be a
minimum of eight (8) sentences, including at least three (3) facts from the article.
(REMEMBER, you must follow the honor code. You cannot use the words from the article as
your own. You must say the author wrote these words!)
In a separate paragraph, discuss why you chose the article and how it is important to you or
society. Include at least ONE question that came to mind as you were reading the article.
Your reaction needs to be a minimum of five sentences.
Points Possible (20)
Article : Teen Living topic, current date, length (4)
Format: Grammar, Spelling, Typed, Heading, Format (3)
Summary: Minimum 8 sentences, 3 specific facts, YOUR words (8)
Reaction: Minimum 5 sentences, why chose, how important, Minimum 1 question (5)
Due Dates:
Current Events are due EVERY OTHER MONDAY. The current event topics come from
what we discussed in class the week before (with some exceptions). For example, August
26-September 3 we will be discussing personal development. I will do my current event on
conflict resolutions for high school students. My article is coming from CNN.COM about
teens fighting in school and the end result. This article is due September 6, 2010 at the
BEGINNING of class. (You can use any newspaper or magazine article you desire, if the
article is related to the class!)
All current events are due at the very beginning of class. Late current events will not be
graded. There will be an activity done with current events. These activities will be
announced in advance. Remember, current events are graded. This will have a great affect
on your grade if you do not turn them in. NO LATE CURRENT EVENTS WILL BE
ACCEPTED, unless you were absent from class the day it was due.
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