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The Son Princes of Warrior-Mage King Ederick Thon IX
King Ederick Thon IX has sired ten sons and two daughters with his queen Seresa Thon. All of
them are named unique and individual names. If a son is to succeed his father he will gain the
name Ederick Thon X, or choose his own name.
Succession is controlled in the following manner. The ruling king formally seals in his own blood
a magically truth-binding parchment known as the “Enindikus,” or Ancientspeak for the “Noble
Leader of the Enindar,” a document of magically strengthened parchment used by the first king of
Tirimith at year “0” to formalize his successor. Every Tirimithian King has since signed the name
of his successor in this parchment. The successor is, of course, typically the first born. However
the King reserves the right to name any subject King at any time. The Enindikus is held in
possession of His Majesty’s trusted Knights of the Silver Serpent, who open it only upon his
The King’s sons are, in order of age as of Eidon 2007, eldest to youngest:
1st Prince Dorimar Thon (age 78) – The story of Dorimar is a sad one. From birth Dorimar was
cursed with a cripling physical illness. Almost his entire life has been spent bed-ridden. Being
that the disease is not an affliction but a birth defect, Ederick’s finest priests have been unable to
restore him to health. Dorimar is of fine spirit but is extremely physically weak and is unable to
concentrate to study magic due to his suffering. (non-magic user)
2nd Prince Lord Ithilius Thon (age 76) – Second eldest of the King’s sons, Ithilius is Lord of
Ifilion. He is an economic genius, a walking library of factual and academic knowledge (though
is not a magician). Ithilius takes a personal interest in the welfare of his City of Silver. Under his
rule Ifilion has indeed grown, being the primary center for major trade in all the western world. It
is whispered, however, that Ithilius is not seen favorably in the eyes of his father, possibly due to
less than ideal business practices. Ithilius is patron lord of the Knights of the Emerald Lance.
(non-magic user)
3rd Prince Exider Thon (age 69) – The eldest notable magic user of Thon’s line, Exider is a man
of unrivaled ambition when it comes to arcane power. He has spent the last twenty years of his
life in Oridon, studying with the finest minds of the Sorcerer’s Stronghold. Some say spending so
much time in the stone cold walls of Oridon has hardened this prince’s heart. (magic user)
4th Prince and Second Admiral Herald Thon II (age 62) – Fourth eldest. Patron leader of the
Knights of the Blue Pearl. Herald is a proper military man equal to his father in decisiveness and
determination. He has spent the majority of his adult life at sea in enemy waters, actively leading
the First Navy in defending Tirimith’s waters. His time away from home has distanced him from
politics. (non-magic user)
5th Prince Derrick Thon (age 49) – Good friends of his brother Zorin Thon, Derrick is a wizard
of skill and a man of the world, having spent several years with the Sehlzebarans. Derrick has a
solid good heart and enjoys leading a free life. (magic user)
6th Prince Zorin Thon (age 44) – Slightly immature for his age, Zorin is bored with almost
everything because he is a genius. He has far surpassed his brother and friend Derrick in the ways
of wizardry. Some say he is even more magically gifted than his father, Ederick. (magic user)
7th Prince Nathaniel Thon (age 32) – Ranger of the forests of the world, Prince Nathaniel Thon
is completely disinterested with politics and city life. His devotion to the Natural Order has all but
had him expelled from the family. Ederick has given him leave to wander the world’s woods on
his own. Father and son have not spoken in many years. (non-magic user)
8th Solace Thon (Deceased) (age 28) Former ruler of Aradere, Solace was second to youngest of
the King’s sons at the age of 28. (dead)
9th Yoris Thon (age 17) Final son of the King before Seresa’s infertility, Yoris is a fine student of
magic being personally tutored by the Archmage. He is a bit brash but very energetic and proud
of his heritage. Yoris has not had much worldly experience. (magic user)
Princess Aralia Thon (age 64) Eldest of two sisters, Aralia was married to a noble commoner
that saved her life. She lives in the castle of Tirimith. Aralis is a practitioner of magic. (magic
Princess Celest Thon (age 19) Beautiful and young, the bright spirited Celest Thon is the child
love of the King. She is unwed.
The Queen Seresa Thon
Wife and supporter of Ederick Thon. Being twenty years younger than her husband, she is still
over 100 years old. Through magic, she has managed to stay middle-aged in appearance, but her
eighty years of being exposed to politics has made her the silent eyes of the castle. Seresa is a
strong woman and a strong personality. She dislikes flattery and is comfortable being in the
“background” behind the King.
The Generals of Tirimith (4 generals currently)
General Korithus Moridon, former General of the First Army of Truebanner – A disheveled old
man who walks upon a crutch, yet still carries his charisma about him. Moridon has managed
innumerable “miraculous” victories in the Truebanner campaign.
General Kahle Quidorus – An old adventurer of the world, Kahle was a perfectly loyal subject
of the King as a Knight of the Silver Serpent for fourty years. His many deeds of valor earned
him the title “general.” Quidorus is a good personal friend to King Thon.
General Idoran Steere, Lord of Oridon – A aged and weathered veteran, Idoran is coldly
efficient at leading the Second Army to be ready for the upcoming times and managing the
Dungeon of Oridon.
General Ethan Thoridar, strategist and commander of the Third Army – A young general with
incredible talent for strategy, Ethan is only 27 years old. Yet in a short time he has impressed the
King with his boldness and gift for leadership. Thoridar is an example to the Enindar of what a
common person can achieve in a short time.
Deep Dungeons as known by the Deep Dungeon of Aradak
The Deep Dungeon of Pith – Spawner of the Ibris Oracle, Pith is a cold place of frozen
parthenons where ancient knowledge is said to be hidden.
The Deep Dungeon of Lucid Mirror – Mystical and strange, this dungeon is said to be a place of
light and wonder, but of much danger!
The Deep Dungeon of Ungod’Rosh – Located somewhere within the Bogdwar Swamp, this Deep
Dungeon is a place of filth and mire.
The Deep Dungeon of Splinterbone – Said to be an entire dungeon contained within the remnants
of an ancient great creature.
The Deep Dungeon of Arora Filia – A place of wondrous beauty, deep caverns of wondrous
orchards and beautiful valleys disguise a danger beyond imagining.
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