Business Area Data Source How it/these will help Management

Business Area
Data Source
How it/these will help
Investment appraisal procedure
Organisation chart
Gives information on acceptable payback periods (eg less than
18 months) and available investment funds.
Identifies roles and responsibilities across the business.
Management accounts and business plans
Provide information on planned and actual costs for the
Cost accounting reports for processes, products and
Provide historical information on materials and labour costs,
and overhead allocation for processes, products and services.
Bill of materials reports/job costing reports
Overhead account reports
Estimate the materials and labour costs, and overhead
allocation for each product or job.
Provide a detailed breakdown of overhead costs.
Materials invoices and delivery records
Show quantities and costs of materials bought into the
Waste bills
Show quantities and costs of different types of waste
collection, recycling and disposal.
Energy bills
Show quantities and costs of different types of fuel used (eg
electricity, gas and fuel oil).
Water bills
Show quantities and costs of water supplied to the business.
Effluent bills
Show quantities and costs of disposing of wastewater
generated by the business.
Business insurance costs
Process flow charts/descriptions
Identify any additional premiums to cover environmental risks
on site
Summarise the main activities carried out in each process.
Quality control
Sales and marketing
Health, safety and environment
Production schedules/work orders/job sheets
Provide historical information on throughput levels (eg
number of units per week).
Materials data sheets
Provide information on optimum use conditions (eg handling
information, mixing rates and percentage recyclate additions).
Equipment operating manuals
Provide energy use ratings and manufacturers' recommended
settings (eg for water use, compressed air and solvents).
Scrap/rework levels
Allow analysis of data on rejects to identify possible
design/process improvements.
Invoices to customers
Show quantities and prices of products/services sold to
Product specifications/customer requirements/market
May indicate opportunities to change product specifications
while still meeting customer requirements.
Customer information
May indicate which customers have an interest in
environmental issues.
Controlled waste transfer notes
Record quantities and descriptions of controlled waste (ie
general waste) collections.
Hazardous waste consignment notes
Record quantities and descriptions of hazardous waste
Effluent analysis
Measures the effluent strength (chemical oxygen demand
(COD) and suspended solids content). This determines the
cost per cubic metre to discharge the effluent.
Current regulatory compliance costs
Give costs and conditions of maintaining a regulatory permit
(eg requirements for pollution control equipment, periodic
monitoring of emissions, annual reporting).
Pollution control equipment
Involves capital and operating costs for air filtration units,
effluent treatment plant, waste compactor, etc.
Future regulatory compliance costs
Give estimated costs and conditions likely to arise from
forthcoming legislation.
Environmental fines and clean-up costs
Give information on previous incidents at the site resulting in
payment of fines or clean-up costs.
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