Speakers for the Conference

This program is part of the CEPA Project on "Markets, Equality and Democracy",
made possible by a generous grant from Irene and Bernard Schwartz.
Conference on "Globalization and the Myths of Free Trade"
April 18, 2003
The aim of this conference is to challenge the theoretical and empirical claims that
underpin the current wave of globalization, and in particular the drive to institute a world
wide system of unrestricted trade and capital flows. Sessions will focus on the historical role
of regulated trade in the rise of the developed world, on the structural flaws in the
conventional theory of trade, on the empirical evidence concerning the effects of trade and
financial liberalization, and on the economic and social consequences for the developing
world. Speakers for the conference include Ajit Singh (Cambridge University), Andrew
Glyn (Oxford University), Diane Elson (University of Essex), Lance Taylor (New School
University), Deepak Nayyar (University of Delhi), Nilufer Cagatay (University of Utah),
Branko Milanovic (World Bank), Ha-Joon Chang (Cambridge University), John Weeks
(School of Oriental and African Studies), Massoud Karshenas (School of Oriental and
African Studies), Thomas Palley (Globalization Reform Project, Open Society Institute),
Stephanie Seguino (University of Vermont), Sanjay Reddy (Barnard College), and Anwar
Shaikh (New School University).
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Conference on "Globalization and the Myths of Free Trade"
Graduate Faculty, New School University, 65 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY
April 18, 2003
Opening Remarks: 9-9:30
_______________________Globalization and Economic Development_____________________
Session II: 9:30-11.30
Lance Taylor, New School University, “External Liberalization in Asia, Post Socialist Europe and
John Weeks, School of Oriental and African Studies, “Exports and Foreign Investment in Latin
Thomas Palley, Globalization Reform Project, Open Society Institute, “Revisiting the Economics of
Import Substitution”
Massoud Karshenas, School of Oriental and African Studies, “Exchange rates, Labour Markets and
Manufacturing Exports from a Global Perspective”
_________________________Globalization, Gender and Inequality______________________
Session II: 11:45-1:15
Branko Milanovic, World Bank, “World’s Apart: International and World Inequality, 1950-2000
Sanjay Reddy, Barnard College, Columbia University “Trade, Growth and Poverty”
Diane Elson, University of Essex and Nilufer Cagatay University of Utah, "International trade: a
feminist perspective"
----LUNCH BREAK---_____________________Globalization, Capital Mobility and Competition__________________
Session III: 2:15-3:45
Ajit Singh, Cambridge University, “Capital Account Liberalization: Free Long Term Capital flows,
Financial Crises and economic development”
Andrew Glyn, Oxford University, “International Competition and Profitability in the OECD Countries”
Stephanie Seguino, University of Vermont, ‘“Is More Mobility Good?: Mobile Capital and the Low
Wage Low Productivity Trap”
___________________________Globalization and Free Trade____________________________
Session IV: 4:15-5:45
Ha-Joon Chang, Cambridge University, “Kicking Away the Ladder: The Real History of Free Trade”
Anwar Shaikh, New School University, “Globalization and the Theory of Free Trade”
Deepak Nayyar, University of Delhi, “Globalization and Free Trade: The Flexible Doctrine”
This program is part of the CEPA Project on "Markets, Equality and Democracy", made
possible by a generous grant from Irene and Bernard Schwartz.
Please RSVP (the conference is free): via email http://www.newschool.edu/cepa/events/globmyths03_rsvp.htm ;
via the web www.newschool.edu/cepa ; or via telephone 212 229-5901 x 332