044 - Space Geodesy Laboratory

Geodetic Application of Satellite Altimetry
W.Bosch, Deutsches Geodätisches Forschungsinstitut (DGFI), Marstallplatz 8,
München D-80539, Germany. [email protected] Phone:49-89-23031-115.
Since more than two decades the sea level and its variation is monitored by satellite
altimetry.With a precision of a few centimeters only this space technique has rather
strong impact on geodesy, in particular the determination of the Earth gravity field,
the definition of a global height reference system and variation of geocenter and Earth
orientation due to ocean mass redistribution. The period covered by satellite altimetry
is long enough to study the low frequency variation of the Earth gravity field and to
determine significantly its seasonal variation. The geodetic application of satellite
altimetry are reviewed. It is shown how the sea level and its variations are described
and how observations of satellite altimetry can be used to estimate improvements or
variations of the Earth gravity field.
Oral presentation (Author: choose oral or poster presentation)
Geodesy (Author: choose a best-fitted discipline: geodesy, geophysics or oceanography)
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