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Our Biofield: The Hidden Key to Wellness
There is no singular path to wellness; however, most wellness techniques work better when the
body’s energy system in and around the body is healthy. This energy system or matrix is
known as the biofield. Injury to the human biofield directly affects cellular communication that
runs along energy pathways (meridians) throughout the body to organs, glands, and neurons.
When the body is stressed by physical traumas, toxins, or electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs),
communication within and between cells may be diminished creating interference fields.
Interference fields depolarize communication in the body and challenge the body’s energy
system, shifting it out of holistic balance into stressed states and maladies.
The visionary bio-physicist Fritz Albert Popp has extensively studied the energy matrix that
surrounds and integrates with all living things. Popp discovered that the DNA of living cells
store and release photons or light particles. Light particles called biophotons transmit
information within a cell and between cells. This process can be disrupted or injured by
physical traumas, toxins, or EMFs.
Physical stress that can depolarize the biofield includes deep bruises, concussions, tailbone
injuries, broken bones, burns, falls, tattoos, piercings, deployed airbags, and any kind of scarcreating event including punctures, cuts, and surgeries. For example, an abdominal trauma from
a c-section, appendectomy, car accident or sports injury may be sedating the digestive system
and/or adrenal glands resulting in fatigue and heightened allergies. This type of sedation can be
removed by mud packing the primary injury site (the interference field). Once the interference
field and correlating sedated site are identified, a synergetic combination of therapeutic mud is
applied to the body on each area. The mud pulls out the positive ions that have been sedating the
injured tissue, restoring balance to the body’s biofield and energetic communication system. The
interference field is removed allowing organs and glands to heal. The art of mud packing has
been refined by Dr. Robert Marshall using a USA patented form of muscle testing developed by
Dr. Yoshiaki Omura, founder and President of the International College of Acupuncture &
Electro-Therapeutics and BDORT (Bi-Digital O-Ring Test).
In addition to physical traumas, the human biofield can be stressed by toxins. Common toxins
include heavy metals especially mercury, dioxin, petrochemicals, and aniline residues from
injected anesthetics to name a few. Therapeutic mud packs and ionized mineral packs can
eliminate up to 50% of the local bioaccumulation of toxic elements in a single application.
There are over 840 worldwide clinical studies on mud packing available on PubMed at
Another deterrent to the human biofield is our modern day technology. EMF exposure comes
from our cell phones, grocery store scanners, bar codes on food and produce, computers,
microwaves, and batteries. EMF stress typically affects the endocrine system. When this
happens, one may feel fatigued, experience loss of focus, have difficulty sleeping, have
hormonal imbalances including infertility and thyroid stress, suffer from frequent headaches,
feel like they need to leave a store that has an abundance of electronics, or feel “off” after
talking on a cell phone or sitting in front of a computer. There can be many reasons for
symptom manifestation; however, EMF sedation to the human biofield is significant in our
high tech world. EMF stress is simple to detect using muscle testing. The energetic biofield
can be restored easily by identifying supportive devices using the art of Quantum Reflex
Analysis and Vastu BioEnergetics. Many EMF protection devices are available for your
personal biofield, living and work space, cell phones, IPads, computers, and other electronic
Simply put, a depolarized biofield is akin to a stagnate pond of water. Nothing flows, breathes
or flourishes and the body stops communicating. Therapeutic mud packs are easy to apply and
are very safe. They offer a quick resolution to many aches and pains including hand pain,
frozen shoulder, hip problems, foot neuralgia, head pain and focus concerns. Mud packs help
increase circulation, boost the immune system, ease muscle tension and rejuvenate cells. They
also clear whole body toxic bioaccumulation and restore the body to ideal cellular balance. Dr.
Marshall stated, “You need a wheelbarrow full of supplements to manage a symptom before
you repair the interference field, and a thimble full after.” When the biofield is restored, the
body can truly recover, heal and achieve wellness.
Kari Uselman, Ph.D., owner of Wellness Essentials, LLC, is a certified Quantum
Biofeedback Specialist and Homeo-Therapeutic Coach. Kari is also an advanced
practitioner of Vastu BioEnergetics, Cation Mudpacks, Quantum Reflex Analysis and
Emotional Re-Polarization Technique. She facilitates Craniosacral Therapy, SematoEmotional Release, Reconnective Healing, Liquid Light Frequencies, BARS Access
Consciousness and Sound Healing. Kari weaves her intuition, integrity and caring into her
sessions to support her clients' holistic wellness and has worked with over 1000 satisfied
clients. Her passion is to inspire and make a positive difference in her clients’ lives through
holistic wellness, individualized support and life-style education. For more information visit or call 920.410.4022.
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