Foundational Principles for Developing Standards

Foundational Principles for Developing
Standards-based IEPs that Guide Instruction
A standards-based individualized educational plan describes specially designed
instruction which is research based, individualized, intensive, explicit, purposeful,
relentless and urgent. It embodies the following principles:
1. All students with exceptionalities have a right to access and progress in
extended, grade level or above grade level 21st Century CSOs so as to fully
participate in their local and global communities.
2. All students with exceptionalities must acquire the foundational and critical
thinking skills essential to reading language arts and math.
3. Instructional planning is most effective when learning goals are clearly
delineated in measurable progressive steps.
4. All students are essential partners in setting, monitoring and achieving their
educational goals.
5. Families are essential partners in the education of their children and in the
IEP process.
6. School resources and supports must be in place for effective development
and implementation of IEPs with fidelity.
7. Frequent collection and analysis of data to inform instruction is
indispensable for improving achievement and is central to development of
individualized education.
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