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Massachusetts General Hospital
Project Survey
Dear ICU Nurse Colleague,
We have received funding from the American Association of Critical Care Nurses for the
purpose of conducting a performance improvement project (PIP). Our aim is to
determine the current knowledge and use of the ABCDEF Bundle so that we can identify
opportunities for training. We are asking you to complete a survey at the beginning and
end of this PIP because you are a critical care or RACU nurse who routinely cares for
patients who are mechanically ventilated.
The survey contains 5 demographic items, 21 multiple choice items, and 3 open ended
questions that you may respond to. It may take up to 15 minutes to complete. Once the
last question is completed, you will not be able to re-enter. You will receive a message
when you are reaching the end of the survey.
The survey is completely anonymous. Your survey responses will not be linked to your
name, user name, or email address.
Please answer all the questions. Your answers will not be reported to your nursing
directors and will not affect your employment. All results will be reported both in the
aggregate (for study purposes) and by unit (to the CNS on the unit for educational
There are no known benefits to participating in this project except that the knowledge
that is gained may improve practice and guide future staff development.
If you have any questions or concerns about this project, please contact INSERT
1. On which unit do you work?
o Burn ICU
o Cardiac ICU
o Cardiac Surgical ICU
o Medical ICU
o Neuroscience ICU
o Surgical ICU
o Surgical ICU
2. How many years have you been a registered nurse?
o 1-3 years
o 3-5 years
o > 5 years
3. Please indicate the highest level of nursing education that you have completed.
o Associate Degree or Diploma
o Doctorate
4. Are you certified in your nursing specialty (i.e. CCRN)?
o Yes
o No
5. Do you know or are aware of the ABCDEF bundle?
o Yes
o No
Survey Questions
Questions are answered using the flowing scale:
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
1. Every nurse on our unit embraces true collaboration as an ongoing process and
invests in its development to ensure a sustained culture of collaboration.
2. Every nurse contributes to the achievement of common unit goals.
3. All staff nurses are informed and knowledgeable about patient outcomes and
performance improvement data.
4. Our unit has a sedation and analgesia protocol in place.
5. The nurses routinely perform both a pain and sedation assessment on patients
using a validated tool.
6. Our nurses currently perform Spontaneous Awakening Trials (SATs, aka
“sedation vacations”) daily.
7. Our nurses have a standardized protocol for performing Spontaneous Breathing
Trials (SBTs).
8. All patients are assessed daily for the presence of delirium.
9. Our nurses use a validated tool to assess for the presence of delirium (CAM-ICU,
10. Our nurses have a standardized delirium management protocol.
11. Delirium monitoring is included in our daily rounds for ALL patients.
12. Our nurses have a protocol for early exercise and progressive mobility for ALL
13. Immobile patients on our unit receive passive range of motion regularly, if
14. Our nurses have the necessary support equipment to safely assist patients'
increased mobility.
15. Respiratory therapists and physical therapists are available to assist with
implementing early exercise and progressive mobility protocols.
16. Mobility is addressed during daily rounds.
17. Our nurses provide a family-centered philosophy of care that supports
18. Families are encouraged to give their input and ask questions.
19. Family support and participation in all aspects of patient care are encouraged.
20. Our nurses recognize the importance of updating families daily regarding their
loved ones' condition and plan.
Open Ended Questions
1. After participation in the Collaborate to Extubate ABCDEF Educational Program,
what did you find most helpful for use in practice caring for ventilated patients?
2. Can you give one example of how you will use the information from the
Collaborate to Extubate ABCDEF Educational Program that you will use in your
3. Are there any other comments you would like to make about the program or use
of the bundle?
The comments that I may have entered above:
o May be used in the final report
o May not be used in the final report
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