Nursing Roles Assignment

Nursing Roles Assignment
Choose any community health nursing role that interests you. You can choose one that is
discussed in your textbook, but you’re not limited to those only. Write a two page
(double-spaced, size 12 font) review of this role including the following information:
1. What population is the major focus of care for nurses in this role?
2. What are the major responsibilities of nurses in this role?
3. Discuss special skills and knowledge needed for a nurse to be successful in this role.
4. Discuss factors that make this role challenging and those that make it rewarding.
5. What resources are available to nurses in this role (professional organization, journals,
6. What community organizations or agencies would nurses in this role collaborate with?
For example, school nurses might refer students to a local health department for STD
7. Would you like to work as a nurse in this role? Why or why not?
8. Any additional information you’d like to include about the role.
Write your paper in APA format and include a reference page with one reference besides
your textbook. The second reference can be a website, book, or journal article.