Guide for referral to chest conference

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Guide for Referral to Chest Conference:
This document accompanies the chest conference referral form template, which should be filled in
and sent back to chest conference, using the e-mail [email protected]
Chest Conference is a multi-disciplinary meeting set up give a consensus of opinion on a problem, or
recommend a treatment plan. We do not take over the clinical care of the referred patient.
Please note the official closing time of 2pm, Tuesday, prior to a Wednesday morning discussion.
It is critical that if the patient’s films are from outside the Waikato DHB, (including private
films) that arrangements are made to transfer relevant films, electronically, or by timely
courier to Waikato ‘ Films On Loan’ Radiology Dept. by 2pm, Tuesday.
Other documents relevant for referral can be faxed to 07 8398770
Any queries or concerns, please phone the CNS for Lung Cancer:
021 759519 (extension 23253) or
021 761904 (extension 23687)
Clinical Work-up Prior to Conference Referral for NSCLC
- CBC, RFT, LFT, Serum Ca, CEA, Coagulation profile
- CT Chest and upper abdomen
- Bronchoscopy with biopsy/washings, CT guided FNA if required
- Full lung function (including gas transfer) except for stage IV
- CT PET scan for patients deemed suitable for radical treatments.
Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group
ECOG Performance Status:
Fully active, able to carry on all pre-disease performance without restriction.
Restricted in physically strenuous activity but ambulatory and able to carry out
work of a light or sedentary nature, eg, light house work, office work.
Ambulatory and capable of all selfcare but unable to carry out any work activities.
Up and about more than 50% of waking hours.
Capable of only limited selfcare, confined to bed or chair more than 50% of waking
Completely disabled. Cannot carry out any selfcare. Totally confined to bed or
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