Employee of the Year Criteria/Form

University Staff & Faculty
Human Resources
March 7, 2008
Nominees for Employee of the Year 2008
On Thursday, April 17, 2008 and Friday April 18, 2008, the Employee of the Year will be
announced on the St. Thomas and St. Croix campuses respectively. This award is an important
recognition of the contributions that these individuals have made to the betterment of the quality
and the advancement of the University.
The Employee of the Year nomination process is open specifically to full-time employees, which
excludes temporary employees, student employees and part-time faculty. In addition to the
established criteria, your nominee should exemplify the standards and core values that the
University has identified as important.
Your Employee of the Year will also be recognized at the 19th Annual Public Service
Recognition Week set to take place on Thursday, May 22, 2008 and Friday, May 23, 2008 on St.
Thomas and St. Croix respectively.
Please submit your nominee to the Human Resources Office by no later than Friday, March 28,
2008. We thank you for your cooperation and participation.
Service Awards 2008 will be celebrated on Thursday, April 17, 2008 on St. Thomas and
Friday, April 18, 2008 on St. Croix.
The objective of the program is to recognize employees who have demonstrated and
contributed to the improvement of the quality and performance of the University of the
Virgin Islands.
The aim is to recognize those employees who have made significant contributions in
areas related to the improvement of operation and customer satisfaction. The
recognition program will be managed with the support and administration of the Human
Resources Department.
Recognition is aimed to acknowledge those contributions that are beyond the normal
job expectations and are consistent with the established core criteria.
Selection Committee
The Selection Committee will consist of the following: HR Designee, 2007 St Croix and
St. Thomas Employee of the Year recipients, and (1) person from the Provost Office.
The committee will evaluate, discuss and vote on four finalists (2 STT and 2 STX). An
HR Designee will be responsible for the selection of the final two (1 STT and 1 STX)
selection for the Employee of the Year.
All employees are eligible to participate in the employee recognition program by having
their names placed in nomination and voted upon by the Selection Committee.
Employee must have at least one year of continuous employment with the University.
Employees will be selected based on the following established criteria.
Established Criteria
Employees must be nominated for the award in a well written narrative by any member
of the Staff or Faculty. Employee(s) must meet at least three out of the five criteria
listed below.
Employee conducts himself or herself in a manner consistent with the values and goals
of the University of the Virgin Islands. Employee demonstrates an above average
knowledge of their job responsibilities and delivers a high quality job performance and
Customer Focus:
Employee consistently recognizes and meets the needs and requirements of
internal/external (where applicable) customers. Employee demonstrates compassion in
dealing with the customer, being mindful of how his or her attitude and actions are
perceived. Employees use problem-solving techniques, when necessary, to satisfy the
customer’s needs and reflects a positive image of the institution.
Employee consistently uses a systematic approach to accomplishing his/her
responsibilities, taking care to minimize errors. Employee acknowledges and takes
pride in ownership of the day-to-day processes for which he/she is responsible and
utilizes initiative where necessary to meet overall goals.
Employee consistently demonstrates the spirit of teamwork by offering support to fellow
employees whenever a need arises for a collective effort in accomplishing a task or
goal. Employee takes a positive approach in interacting with fellow employees.
Employee has developed an original idea or suggestion that has a positive effect on the
operations, policy and/or procedure of the University of the Virgin Islands. The end
result of the idea or suggestion is a reduction in cost(s) to the operation or increased
efficiency or accountability.
Award Benefits
$200 Savings Bond
An Engraved Plaque
Basket of Flowers
Basket of Fruits
Nomination Forms for the Employee of the Year is due by March 28, 2008.
Please send completed forms via mail, fax or hand-delivered to:
Human Resources Department
(340) 693-1410 Phone
(340) 693-1415 Fax
Name of Nominee:
Date Submitted:
Nominated By (Optional):
Please describe the qualities that explain why this nominee should be selected as the University
of the Virgin Islands’ Employee of the Year award winner. Attach additional documentation if
1.) Explain how this employee has performed “beyond the Call of Duty” displaying
extraordinary efforts, creativity or innovation to improve service, quality, and the
department’s or University’s image.
Describe the extra effort this employee has put forth to exemplify professionalism and
dedication to excellent service.
Illustrate how this employee has demonstrated support to the Department and /or
Explain how this employee has worked as a team player and has created a measurable
impact on the University in areas such as operational efficiency or service to the staff,
faculty, students, and the community.
Explain how this employee has developed an original idea or suggestion that has a
positive effect on the operations, policy and/or procedure of the University. How did the
end result of the idea or suggestion reduced cost to the operation of the University and
or increased efficiency or accountability.
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