Dear Parents and Guardians,

Associate Superintendent - North Area
Lynn Green - 604 713 4491
School Liaison Trustee: Patti Bacchus
PAC Chair: Chris Larke Co-Chair: Ward Stirrat
Principal: Jacquie Lavoie
Vice-Principal: Wanda Salewski
Administrative Assistant : Katherine Miller
May 29, 2009
Dear Parents/Guardians,
It is with great regret and sadness that at this time of year we must announce staff changes
for the 2009-2010 school year.
M Stroet, our primary music teacher, will not be returning to Lord Tennyson next year, as he
will be taking a personal leave to pursue his music career. As you may know, Mr. Stroet
performs all over the mainland and has just released a new CD. We were most fortunate at
Lord Tennyson to have Mr. Stroet on staff and appreciate his love and passion for music that
he has instilled in so many of our students. We thank him for his time given outside of the
classroom to run the Grade 3 choir and Grade 7 guitar group during the two days he was
here. He will be greatly missed and we hope he will return to do a concert for us next year.
After 23 years at Lord Tennyson as Learning Assistance Teacher, Mme Roy is retiring! Not
only has Mme Roy worked with hundreds of students during the course of her career, Mme
Roy has been instrumental in developing many programs here at Lord Tennyson. She is
responsible for developing the Grade 3 English Program and the Peer Tutoring Program.
During the past two years, Mme Roy has also been working in the role as District Mentor for
French Immersion Learning Assistance teachers, sharing her wealth of knowledge and
experience with other Learning Assistance teachers throughout the district. She was part of a
team who developed and introduced the district Gifted class for French Immersion students.
She has even worked with the First Nation students at Southlands Elementary setting up the
Peer Tutoring program there. Mme Roy has been a huge asset to our staff, students and
parents, with an ever present goal of ensuring student success. We thank her for all she has
brought to Lord Tennyson and we wish her a well deserved retirement filled with lots of
time in the ballet studio and on the golf course!
Students will have an opportunity to bid a farewell and thank both M Stroet and Mme Roy at
our year end assembly scheduled for Thursday, June 25th.
A complete list of our school and staff organization will be published in the June 12th
Jacquie Lavoie, Principal
There is only one weekend left before the Math-a-thon Fundraiser for Smart boards. The
Math-a-thon will take place on Tuesday, June 2nd. Students have received the questions
from the classroom teacher, so please encourage your children in their study and fundraising
Track and Field
Congratulations to our Intermediate students who were part of our Track and Field team.
They displayed excellent sportsmanship during the district mini-meets and we are very
proud of them. They were a very committed group who gave up their lunch hours twice a
week to practice. A big thank you to Mr. Burdett for organizing and leading the team. We
appreciate his extra time given and dedication in providing our students with these extracurricular activities.
Notice of Late Return for September 2009
If your family will be returning late in September, please ask Mme Miller in the office for a
late return form. We always have new students moving into the neighbourhood in
September and our enrolment is almost at capacity, so we wouldn’t want to fill your spot if
you are returning late. The completed form will ensure that your spot is held.
School Calendar for the school year of 2009-2010
Attached is the new school calendar for the school year of 2009-2010. Please keep this
calendar handy as it has all of the holidays noted as well as the days when school is not in
Infinitus Trio
On Wednesday, May 20th, our primary students and Intermediate students in the Strings
program had the opportunity to see a concert by the Infinitus Trio. This is the second year
that Infinitus Trio played here at Tennyson. A big thank you to one of our parents for
funding this concert. Our students were very fortunate to have this opportunity.
Immunization Clinic #3
On Monday, June 8th, the final immunization clinic for Kindergarten and Grade 6 students
will be held. For more information you may contact through the school office, Shayne
Reilly, Public Health Nurse for Lord Tennyson.
Wednesday, June 3 - Strings forms for Grade 3 students due
- Pizza Lunch
Wednesday, June 10 - Pizza Lunch
Friday, June 12 & 19 - Kindergarten Orientation, 2:00 pm
Wednesday, June 17 - Pizza Lunch
Tuesday, June 23 - Volunteer Tea, 10:30 am-11:30 am
Wednesday, June 24 - Grade 7 graduation, 10:45 am
Wednesday, June 24 - Concert with M. Stroet - Primary grades
Thursday, June 25 - Year End Slide Show - last day of school
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