Biodiversity In Artificial Ecosystems

Biodiversity In Artificial Ecosystems
Today, we will be going to Crescent Park to study the biodiversity and feeding
relationships found in that artificial ecosystem.
Your task is to
a) Identify at least 30 different organisms found
in the park. If you don’t know their names, provide a
suitable, detailed description of the organism.
b) From the organisms that you’ve found, create
at least 3 food chains that exist in this ecosystem.
Where possible, try to actually observe the food chain
in action. Don’t just guess at what an organism might
eat. Include secondary and tertiary consumers
wherever possible.
Once you have completed these two tasks, collect a
sample of pond water from the creek or lagoon. Do not fall in the water!
Try to collect a sample that contains some algae or plant-life in it. We will be
taking these samples back to the lab for closer examination.