Writing Your Bio - Ball State University

Writing Your Bio!
A helpful guide from your friendly management staff.
(This is for bio uniformity at Ball State University, other theatres may have different guidelines)
A List of Do’s:
 Do start your bio with your name in bold, as it appears in the program and include your
character name (if applicable) in parentheses.
Do speak in the third person (ex. This is her third production at Ball State).
Do state your school year and major (but do not capitalize them, ex. senior, acting major;
there is no need to state the school you are attending, unless you are a guest artist).
Do state where you are from, but use the abbreviation for the state.
Do list recent or favorite credits and accomplishments, but show names must be
italicized, not underlined, capitalized, or bolded!
If you include the character name, preface with “favorite roles include” or a similar
phrase then list the roles with shows in parentheses; Ex: Puck (A Midsummer Night’s
Do write succinctly, chose the information that you feel is most important and include
only that. Please limit bios to 150 words or fewer. A bio may only be longer if you are a
guest artist, director, or professor.
Do CHECK ALL SPELLING! This includes running spell-check, and double-checking
past shows for spelling accuracy. Remember that your bio reflects back on YOU!
Do let your bio reflect your personality, but avoid being “cutesy” or over-familiar. Your
bio is as much a professional document as your resume. Your bio can be a place to thank
those who have significantly impacted your life, but avoid personal and tasteless jokes
the general public won’t understand.
If you are adding a personal thank you or want to add a personal quote, do so at the end
of the bio and use proper quotation: To his parents he would like to say, “ I wouldn’t be
where I am without you. Thanks!”
Do email your bio to the stage manager on or before the due date, that way he or she can
email them directly to the management staff. Only electronic bios will be accepted, also
bios sent after the due date will not be accepted.
SAMPLE BIO: Bridget Allen (Maggie) is a junior musical theatre major from Atlanta, GA. She
is very excited for her University Theatre debut. Some of her favorite roles include Annie (Annie
Get Your Gun), Violet (Violet), and Lady Macbeth (Macbeth). She would like to thank the
fabulous cast, crew, and faculty for making her journey on 42nd Street such an enjoyable one. To
her friends and family she would like to say, “Thank you for all of your love and support! I am
forever indebted and grateful!”
Thank you!!
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