spring 2016 biol 11 lab syllabus


Pasadena City College-BIOL 11 LAB-RULES & SCHEDULE

—FALL 2015

1. Participation and attendance: only 2 lab sessions may be missed, or you may be dropped or otherwise penalized.

2. Each lab is worth 10 points toward your semester grade. These points may be assessed by quiz, report or another assignment.

3. Each student will drop his or her 2 lowest lab scores.

4. 30-Minute Rule: If you are more than 30 minutes late to lab, you will not be allowed to participate in that lab session or to earn credit for that lab.

5. No lab make-ups will be allowed for course credit.

6. Lab will determine approximately 25% of each student’s semester course grade in Biology 11 (lecture will determine the remaining 75%)

7. Each student must pass the Biology 11 lab to pass the Biology 11 course.

8. Lab instructors may substitute a field trip in place of one of the assigned labs.

9. Lab instructors will advise students on how to handle labs missed due to a holiday.

10. No eating, drinking or smoking is permitted in lab.

11. If glassware is broken in lab, notify your lab instructor immediately.

12. Bare feet will not be allowed in the lab at any time.

13. Keep all lab work areas neat and safe. Dispose of trash in waste containers.

14. Be aware of the location of the first aid kit and the eye wash station.

15. Never leave an operating hot plate unattended.

16. Always read the assigned lab exercise before attending lab.

Lab Exercise

1. Scientific Method

2. Biological Molecules

3. Microscopes and Cells

4. Chemistry and Enzymes

5. Diffusion

6. Photosynthetic Rate

7. Heredity

14. Crime Scene

8. Natural Selection

9. Microbes

10. Plants

11. Animals

12. Ecology

13. Environment

15. Physiology

Week of:

JAN. 12

JAN. 19

JAN. 26

FEB. 02

FEB. 09

FEB. 16

FEB. 23

MAR. 01*

MAR. 15

MAR. 22

MAR. 29*

APR. 05

APR. 12

APR. 19

APR. 26

*Holidays/Campus Closed: MARCH 7-13 SPRING BREAK. MARCH 31 CESAR CHAVEZ