Evolution of a Living Animal

Evolution of a Living Animal.
All living animals today are here because they have evolved from an ancestor that
no longer is alive or around today.
For this project you will select an animal to research its past ancestors and see
where it came from and how it has evolved from first beginning millions of years ago.
Before you select an animal make sure you research it and ask questions to see if you can
find enough information on it.
We will spend some time in the library and use some time in class, but do not rely
on the days before the project is due to start and try and complete. You will need some
This is your last project of Biology and will be graded as such. Since it is the
fourth Marking Period and you have enough practice completing labs and projects, you
will be expected to have a well presented paper with correct information on it. Research
and presentation is key to attaining a great grade.
1. Select any living animal today.
2. Research the evolutionary relatives of this animal.
3. You need to write a 1-3 page essay on the history of the animal including
the following items to be graded.
- Scientific names of the animal you chose (the living one)
- Names of the non living ancestors of the animal you chose.
- Locations world wide of the animal you chose and the ancestors of
that animal
- Diet, Size, Color, and Habitat of the animals.
*Remember just because it is a forest today does not mean it
was forest when the ancestors lived there.
- A graphic that shows a time line of each ancestor and when they
- A picture of each ancestor and the animal you chose.
Rubric of Scoring
____/ 220 Project
___/ 30 Presentation of Paper
___/ 10 All information is correct and accurate
___/ 10 Few to little Grammatical errors
___/ 10 Presentation of information flows in a clear and understandable
___/ 40 Research into project
___/ 20 Correct use of computers in class
___/ 20 Always on task with research
___/ 85 Information Gathered
___/ 5 Scientific name is correct
___/ 20 Five (5) your animal’s ancestor names
___/ 2 Locations around world for animal
___/ 10 Locations around the world for each of your animal’s ancestors
(2pts each)
___/ 2 Diet of your animal
___/ 10 Diet of your animal’s ancestors (2pts each)
___/ 2 Size of your animal
___/ 10 Size of your animal’s ancestors (2pts each)
___/ 2 Color of your animal
___/ 10 Color of you animal’s ancestors (2pts each)
___/ 2 Habitat around world of your animal
___/ 10 Habitat of each of your animal’s ancestors (2pts each)
___/ 65 Pictures of Animal and its Ancestors.
___/ 15 Time line of animal and ancestors lives on earth.
___/ 50 Ten (10) points for each of the ancestors
Evolution of the Cell Phone
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