Critical Thinking Worksheet

Critical Thinking Worksheet
NOTE TO TEACHERS: I use this as a first day activity to get the students to start
thinking. This exercise is similar to SAT questions because the students need to
break down each part of the riddle in order to come up with multiple answers. Then,
the students need to eliminate the possibilities in order to narrow the answer choices,
just like on the SAT. I have included the answers for you, so make sure you delete
them before giving the assignment to the students.
Determine the speaker for each of the following paragraphs.
1. After months of deliberating, I finally made a decision to leave my hometown.
Though the process was long, I made it even longer by making my
announcement a primetime spectacle. Many people were angry with my
choice but my advice to them is to stay out of the kitchen. Who am I?
Kobe Bryant
2. I am a stand-up comic who gained fame on a late night talk show. I used to
have my own sitcom and I continue to do stand-up comedy. I am known for
my loyalty to a city that rocks. After a famous daytime host retired, I was
chosen as his replacement. I wear glasses even though I don’t need them.
Who am I?
Drew Carey
3. After a successful career as an actor I became one of the most powerful men
in the world. I stepped out of the spot light in the recent years leading to my
death due to a serious though not necessarily life threatening illness. Who am
Ronald Reagan
4. After a successful music career, I decided to try acting. I had a successful
sitcom and moved on to movies. I continue to make music, but it is secondary
to my acting career. Who am I?
Will Smith, LL Cool J, Queen Latifah, Brandi, Eve, Reba McEntire
NOTE TO TEACHERS: The point of this particular riddle is that there are multiple
answers. Each of the people fit on some level. I use this to get the students to think by
activating prior knowledge and applying each of characteristics listed. I point out that the
last one is not a good SAT question because there is more than one correct answer.
Write three similar “Who am I?” riddles on the back. They must be well
known fictional or non-fictional people.
NOTE TO TEACHERS: The following are additional riddles that my former students
wrote and I typed and use throughout the duration of the class.
I recently had a tv show for three seasons where I was trying to find true love. When I
was younger, I was one of the biggest hype men in the business. I lost it due to drugs and
jail time. After getting my life together, I got married and have plenty of children. Who
am I?
I’m obsessed with munching on carrots and I always seem to get away from that gullible
hunter. I’m pretty sure I could fool you too, doc. Who am I?
I loved my wife and the world did too. We worked together on a hit show. It was my
idea to make it the first show to be recorded and licensed. My wife and I had 2 children
and even after we both divorced and got remarried we remained good friends. I died of
lung cancer but the world still remembers my singing and acting. Who am I?
I am arguably the most famous fighter of all time. With my insect-like theology, I am
still the greatest of all time. Who am I?
Most people know me for one concept I discovered, which is part of a large, complex
theory I developed. I am renowned in my field and have received the ultimate prize for
my work. My influence indirectly led to the death of thousands of people. Many find my
hair style amusing. Who am I?
I’m known for my sweet tooth and though I might be terrifying in reality, I’m popular
among children. My owner wrote stories about me which would eventually find their
way on screen. I’m usually half naked. Who am I?
I’m an American icon. I’ve appeared in books, movies, and tv. Many others have played
my part even though they weren’t girls. At the end of the day, I still come home. Who
am I?
I got lost and found a boy with a bicycle. After some well known theme music I could
finally get a hold of a phone and get home. Who am I?
I was the Republic’s greatest chance of balancing the universe, except that I messed up,
fell in love, and got angry and afraid. I fell prey to a dark and powerful man and was
manipulated. Now I have a scary name and suit not to mention cold breathe. Who am I?
I became one of the most powerful men in the world. I am very well known, but instead
of my times in office, I am better known for what I’ve done to help the world afterward.
Who am I?
I’m not a puppet. I’m not made out of wood. Disney didn’t make a movie about my life.
My nose isn’t growing longer because I’m lying. Who am I?
I got my start playing a lifeguard on a television show. Somewhat recently I received
some harsh criticism for some things I said to my daughter. Currently, I am a judge on a
reality show. It is a little known fact that I also have a singing career on the side. Who
am I?