Cornerstone Fellowship 2009 - Foundation for Jewish Camp

Cornerstone Fellowship 2010
Prospective Returning Camp Grant Renewal Form
Cover Page Information:
Name of camp:
Name of Director:
Number of years served as Director:
Date of submission:
Person submitting application:
Prospective Returning Camps: Your Vision for Cornerstone:
1) Describe your educational vision for Cornerstone at camp this coming summer. Please explain
how your Jewish education and Jewish identity building fulfills your camp mission statement.
2) How can you envision utilizing your Cornerstone Fellows to intensify the Jewish strength of your
camp program beyond their current roles? Please give specific examples of program areas where
you’d like to see the Fellows make an impact to effect long-term systemic change to the camp.
Your Potential Participants:
Counselor Pool:
a. How many second year counselors did you have last year?
b. How many third year counselors did you have last year?
c. How many second year counselors do you anticipate will return as third years this
coming year to be your pool of Cornerstone applicants?
Counselor Distribution:
How do you plan to distribute your Fellows across camp to ensure the program’s impact
throughout the camp?
Please list the names of at least seven potential Cornerstone candidates. A minimum of five
Fellows is required for participation:
Potential Liaison:
Supporting Your Liaison: What was their role last summer at camp (Liaisons must have spent at
least four years working at your camp)? How many years have they worked at camp? How many
years have they served as a supervisor at your camp? Who will be directly supervising your
Liaison? How do you envision supporting the Liaison in this new role? What other responsibilities
do you anticipate this person having?
Note: Eligible Fellow and Liaison candidates *MUST* be able to commit to attending the full May
Prospective Returning Camps: Bringing Cornerstone Back to Camp:
Cornerstone is shifting its model to ensure long-term systemic change at camp. Directors are
encouraged to renew their grant participation for TWO years in an effort to ensure FJC is
supporting camps in their effort to make change.
Staff Training Week: During staff week, Cornerstone Fellows are expected to implement one
training during staff week.
Please review what occurred in 2009 that you would or would not want repeated by the
Cornerstone Fellows during staff week. What structure would you offer the Fellows to design a
training for staff week? What topics would you want Fellows to cover? At what point in the
training week would this occur? Is this something that could become a new ritual annually at
your camp?
Mentoring First Year Counselors: Cornerstone Fellows are expected to implement a mentoring
program for first year counselors. Directors select which format to implement and Fellows design
the content. Directors are expected to introduce this program during staff week. It is strongly
suggested that Fellows design their own name for this program to then reflect how it is being
Please select from the options below which structure you plan to use:
Weekly All Group meeting
Lunch and Learn sessions (Question and Answer, pre-determined topics etc.)
“Chevruta” pair learning meetings on Jewish topics related to camp
Individual Pair (across unit or within unit) Check ins with weekly reporting to
Individual Matches with staff new to camp including international staff—reach out
prior to camp (recommended for Shutafim!)
Professional Development sessions for First Years (within *or* separate from an
existing first year training program)
Jewish Program Development with First Years
Small Groups with one mentor and a group of first years
Three All Group meetings: during staff week, between sessions, end of summer
(recommended for first year Cornerstone camps!)
Weekly meetings when all pairs meet concurrently (suggested times: during a
designated meal, in the evening)
Please review what occurred in 2009 that you would or would not want repeated by the
Cornerstone Fellows with regard to mentoring. Is this a design that could become a new ritual
annually at your camp?
Jewish Programming: Cornerstone Fellows are expected to implement two Jewish experiences for
*campers.* Directors choose two designs below that they would like Fellows to use in order to
make *long term systemic change* at camp. Fellows should review their camp’s mission
statement during the Seminar to determine how to ensure the programs reflect our camp’s
Jewish mission and Jewish philosophy.
Note: If there was a successful component to the Cornerstone implementation from prior
years, it is strongly encouraged that Fellows enhance that component and reinforce it to
become a new camp tradition.
Please provide guidance to the 2010 Fellows on your vision for Jewish programming.
Suggested Formats:
Resource Packets for all staff on Jewish programs for campers
Alter or add Shabbat component for Fellows to administer weekly
Two Programs for each Fellow to implement in their bunk and share with other
bunk counselors (recommended for first year Cornerstone camps!)
Tisha B’av programming
Israel Day programming
Two Programs for each Fellow to implement in their unit and share with other
bunk counselors (recommended for second year Cornerstone camps!)
All camp evening program one time per session
All camp day-long/theme Jewish program
Enhancing Trip day using Jewish content
Altering existing daily or weekly prayer experiences
Ongoing social action/camp wide messaging
Altering or adding to mealtime rituals
Altering or adding to Opening or Closing Day rituals
Please review what occurred in 2009 that you would or would not want repeated by the
Cornerstone Fellows with regard to Jewish programming. Is this a design that could become a
new/altered ritual annually at your camp?
Weekly Meetings: Cornerstone Fellows are expected to meet weekly to touch base about
programming for the upcoming week, touch base on mentoring, continue learning together. FJC
recommends a minimum of one hour per week for planning and 30 minutes for learning. It is
critical that the Director pre-determines the day of week and time for these meetings knowing the
greater camp structure and needs. These meetings should be held in a quiet spot where Fellows
can speak freely.
How, when and where will these meetings occur?
Faculty Mentoring: Each camp participating in Cornerstone works with one Faculty member
throughout the spring via phone and email, at the Seminar and then at camp over the summer.
This person helps your camp Cornerstone team design an action plan and identifies resources to
help with implementation back at camp. Given that structure and design, what type of Faculty
mentor would your camp benefit from? Please share your thoughts on any particular content
area skills you’d like them knowing or programming skills they may have in order to best support
your camp.
During the Faculty visit, Faculty should have the opportunity to observe one program being
implemented by Fellows, meet with Liaison, Fellows, and Director and provide additional training.
The additional training should be with second year counselors so they may be exposed to what
the Cornerstone experience is like. Faculty will then provide a question and answer opportunity
for second years.
What additional training topics might you want Faculty to provide onsite for second year
OPTIONAL: Shutafim
If your camp participates in ACHVA as well as Cornerstone, we encourage you to apply to this
joint program. The joint program goals are:
to enhance the quantity and quality of Israel and Jewish programming at camp
To integrate and enhance Jewish and Israel education programming by empowering
these two leadership groups to actively work in partnership
Participating ACHVA/Cornerstone joint program camps are invited to bring their Israeli delegation
heads (Rosh Mishlachat) to the Cornerstone Seminar. They will be expected to design an
additional Action Plan outlining what they will accomplish this summer.
Potential Rosh Mishlachat:
Number of Years person has worked at your camp:
Please share two programmatic goals for Shutafim regarding a program you’d like the two groups
to implement together as well as a program to foster collegial growth amongst American and
Israeli staff.
Prospective Returning Camps Reflections and Growth:
Based upon your prior Cornerstone experience, please share any additional thoughts upon
reflecting on last year’s implementation and planning for future implementation.
Note: During 2011, the stipend for Fellows will decrease from $500 per Fellow to $350 per Fellow.
Cornerstone Participation Agreement:
Name of Camp _________________
If accepted to the Cornerstone Fellowship, as the Camp Director, I agree to abide by the
guidelines in the info sheet as well as the following:
 Liaison: Send one Liaison who is a member of our camp leadership team and has served
on our camp staff for at least four years to the Liaison Seminar and Cornerstone seminar.
Application must be submitted by December 19th. Registration by April 7th.
Fellows: Send five third year bunk counselors to the Cornerstone seminar. All
applications must be submitted by January 30th. All registration must be completed by
participants by April 7th.
Leadership: I or a full-time member of my camp staff will attend the one-day seminar at
the Cornerstone seminar on May 26-27 2009. If sending someone in my place, this
person must be able to approve the Action Plan that the Fellows design. Registration
must be completed by April 7th.
Conference Calls: Participate in two Cornerstone Director conference calls via telephone
prior to the Seminar in March. One with a cohort of directors and one with your camp’s
Faculty Mentor, your Liaison and FJC Program Manager.
Program Onsite Implementation
 Educate the entire camp staff during orientation about the Cornerstone Fellows’ and the
Liaison’s role at camp and ensure collaboration with any other specified Jewish
programming at camp.
 Assign the Cornerstone Fellows to different units throughout camp (no more than two
Fellows to the same unit nor should they be assigned to any travel programs unless
reviewed with FJC.
Allow for at least one 60 minute weekly meeting for all Fellows and the Liaison to meet
together. Sit in on one meeting during staff week and one meeting later in the summer.
Provide time during staff orientation for the Fellows to facilitate at least one leadership
training session for all staff on Jewish programming.
Assist the Liaison in implementing a mentoring program between the Fellows and first
year bunk counselors.
Support the implementation of at least two programmatic changes to existing Judaic
programs at camp or to add at least two additional Judaic programs reflective of the
Jewish mission and philosophy of the camp.
Provide ongoing support and guidance to the Liaison in actualizing the goals established
by the Fellows and Liaison at the Cornerstone seminar.
Host one site visit from a Cornerstone Faculty member who will meet with the Fellows
and Liaison to assist in implementation, and confirm all arrangements by April 7th. See
info sheet for details regarding accommodations.
Enable the Liaison to correspond via email and phone, as needed, with the Cornerstone
Faculty member assigned to my camp during camp.
Ensure that the Liaison and Director complete an end of summer Cornerstone evaluation
and submit it to FJC in order for FJC to release Fellow and Liaison stipends.
Provide $500 stipends to each Fellow and $750 to my camp’s Liaison upon completion
of employment at camp. I understand our camp will be reimbursed by FJC for these
stipends on or before September 1st if my camp’s evaluations are complete. I
understand that I must report to FJC any terminations of participants over the summer.
Signature of Camp Director
Signature of Board Chair
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