Call for abstracts – Workshops

6th Children’s Complementary Therapy Network Conference
Saturday 18th May 2013
Birmingham Children’s Hospital
Call for WORKSHOP abstracts
Deadline: 30.06.12
This established conference will bring together a range of professionals interested in learning
about and advancing the field of complementary therapies and integrated medicine in children.
Delegates will include complementary therapists, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, OTs,
researchers, teachers, service developers, etc.
In addition to presentations, the conference programme will include workshops relevant to the
field of complementary therapies and integrated medicine in children. You are invited to submit
an abstract to be considered for a workshop. Your workshop will need to include elements of
interaction / participation by the attendees, and ideally equip the delegates with new skills / ways
of working / thinking that they can start to use in their own work. Examples of workshops to
 about an integrated or complementary therapy service you have developed (e.g. hospital,
hospice, community based services) highlighting any challenges and learning points.
 about a specific complementary therapy that you practice and, if relevant, demonstration of any
therapeutic skills.
We would anticipate 25-30 people attending each workshop.
You will receive a 50% discount on the conference fee if your abstract is successful.
50 word summary of your
Please indicate what will be included in your workshop by writing an abstract. This should briefly
describe (max 500 words):
 Overview of your workshop
 Any demonstrations you plan to use
 How (if relevant) you plan to incorporate participation by the delegates
 How you plan to take into account safety considerations if planning to invite delegates to help
in therapy demonstrations, and if planning to incorporate participation by delegates
 References to any relevant literature / research you will be citing in your workshop (we
recognise that this may only be a preliminary list which you might further expand if your
abstract is successful).
Please give a short description (biography) about yourself, which will be printed in the speakers
section of the conference programme:
Deadline for Abstracts: 30.06.12
Successful applicants will be notified by 31.07.12
There will be a 50% discount on the conference fee for the successful abstracts.
Please return applications to
 [email protected] (preferable)
 or post to: Dr Pankaj Shah, Freshwinds, Prospect Hall, 12 College Walk, Selly
Oak, Birmingham, B29 6LE, UK
Enquiries: Dr Pankaj Shah Tel: +44 (0)121 415 6670
Please visit for more information about the
Children’s Complementary Therapy Network.