Department of Earth Sciences

Department of Earth Sciences
Federal State Institution of Science
Geological Institute, Kola Science Center
RMO Kola Branch
Russian (with international participation) Conference:
"Geology and geochronology of rock-forming and ore process
In crystalline shields "
July 8-12, 2013, Apatity
First circular
Dear colleagues and friends!
Russian (with international participation) conference "Geology and geochronology of ore and rock-forming
processes in crystalline shields" will be held at the Geological Institute KSC RAS July 8-12, 2013, in the town of
Apatity, Murmansk region.
The conference will be held field trips:
Organizing Committee
Chairmen of the Organizing Committee:
Mitrofanov FP - Academician, Russian Academy of Sciences Advisor, GI KSC RAS;
Voitekhovsky YL - Doctor of sciences, professor., Director, GI KSC RAS, Chairman of RMS Kola branch;
Bayanova TB - Doctor of sciences, Head. Lab. GI KSC RAS.
Rundkvist TV - PhD, Deputy Director, GI KSC RAS;
Mokrushin AV - PhD, scientific secretary GI KSC RAS and RMS Kola branch
Kudryashov NM - PhD, GI KSC RAS;
Serov, PA - K.g.-m.n., GI KSC RAS;
Steshenko EN - PhD student, GI KSC RAS.
The main stages of the organization of the conference
Requirements for Manuscripts
1. Language - Russian or English (optional).
2. Text Editor: Microsoft Word for Windows (any version).
3. Sheet size: A4. Page margins: left, right, top and bottom - 2 cm single interval.
4. Paragraphs are indented line, the indentation - 1.0 cm
5. In the main text font: Times New Roman. Size 10. Justify.
6. Headlines are written in capital letters, bold, size 12. Titles are centered. The heading and subheadings point
not if they are isolated in a separate line (line).
7. The following are the authors. Please indicate the name, then initials. Font: Times New Roman, size - 12.
8. After the list of authors' names in the following line specifies the organization, city, e-mail (first author). Font:
Times New Roman, italic, size - 12.
9. Below the title, authors and organizations specified in English.
10. Pictures are inserted into the text of Word (not in frames Word!) Authors for them in the desired location
with captions aligned to the center. Also, each figure should be submitted as a separate file (jpeg, tiff, bmp)
with a resolution of 300 dpi and a maximum size of 210 × 287 mm (A4).
11. Legend and the curves on the axes must be sufficiently large and legible for further scaling.
12. The references in the text are given in square brackets, with numbers in accordance with the list of
references at the end of article - [1, 5].
13. References given in alphabetical order by first author.
14. The designations, which differ from the generally accepted should be made explicit in the text.
18. Avoid using the Equation Editor Word (Equation Editor). Please do not use Equation Editor within the text,
in order to maintain constant spacing.
19. Commas in the text written in Roman, except for those that are inside the text in italics.
20. The electronic version of the paper should be sent in the form of application.
21. The file should be called by the name of the speaker.
Committee members:
The expected topics of the conference:
1. Geology and geochronology of crust-forming processes in the eastern Baltic Shield
2. Ore Geology and geochronology of the Eastern part of the Baltic Shield
3. The underlying geology (tectonics, geodynamics, reconstruction modes)
Will participate in the conference in the form of plenary lectures, oral and poster presentations. The preliminary
program of the conference will be made up by the organizing committee after receiving requests for reports.
Program and the rules of the conference will be sent to registered participants and posted on the website of the
Geological Institute KSC RAS.
By the beginning of the conference will be published collection of materials meeting. The manuscript of up to
three pages of text with figures and references. Here are the requirements for preparing the manuscript. The
organizing committee reserves the right to reject a manuscript, executed not by the rules and do not
correspond to the directions of the conference.
Arrangement fee will be 500 rubles. For students - 200 rubles. Installment payment rules will be published in
the second circular.
Contact addresses and phone numbers
Geological Institute, Kola Scientific Center, Russian Academy of Sciences,
str. Academician Fersman, 14,
Apatity, Murmansk region, 184209.
Bayanova Tamara
[email protected]
tel. (81555) 79218
+7 (921) 1505101
For those who have not yet applied for the profile of participants is attached.
Registration form
Last name, first name
Degrees Held
mailing address
e-mail address
name of report
form of participation
Does the hotel
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