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CS 352 – Database Management Systems
Project Proposal
TA Management System
Group 13
İrem Tanrıseven
Eda Bitlisli
Özge Karaman
Description of the System
In this project, a database management system about CS department of Bilkent University is
designed, which provides an opportunity to our department in order to manage the data
about graduate students, Research and Teaching assistants, instructors and faculty members
in an efficient way. This system has many facilities like assigning TA to the specific courses,
assigning them to proctoring assignments, adding new member or updating current
member’s information. Also users can look through the information and schedules of other
registered users by using this TA Management system.
Our TA- Management system is an online application. All of the system users are from CS
department of the Bilkent University. There is no registration process of our system.
Administrator create accounts of the users. All users must be logged into the TAManagement system by entering their e-mail addresses and unique passwords to
accomplish their tasks. Users can add new information or update, delete their current
information. In addition to that, all users have a chance to access other users’ information
like their name, email, phone numbers, offices number and address.
There are four different types of users which are administrator, TA, RA, instructor and
faculty member. Instructor and faculty member will be considered in one user type since
they have the same capabilities for our system.
Administrator: S/he is one of the faculty members or instructors who creates the accounts
of new members and edits the information of the accounts.
TA: Teaching assistant is a graduate student who can reach the information (hour, date) of
his or her assigned courses and his or her proctoring assignments.
Instructor and Faculty Member: They can give courses; they can look through what
Research assistants search about. They can also assign courses and proctoring assignments
to the TAs who are available at specific time zone.
RA: Research assistant is a graduate student who can see the research topics and the
detailed information about researches.
 Every system user must have an account created by admin.
 Every system user must logged into the system.
 Graduate students must work with one faculty member or instructor.
 Faculty members and instructor have same capabilities for our TA- Management
 Every course must be given at most one faculty member or instructor for each
 For every course, at least one proctoring assignment is required.
 TA’s must assigned to at least one course for each semester.
 Proctoring assignment must be assigned to at least one TA.
TA‘s cannot assign themselves to any specific course.
 Faculty members and instructors assign at least one TA to courses which are given by
 System users must have an office in faculty buildings.
ER Diagram:
In ER Diagram for TA- Management system, we used
is used for many-to-many relation and
for one-to- many relations.
is used to illustrate that there
should be at least one of this entity.
Figure 1: ER Diagram