Online MATH250 Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How much does the class cost?
A. This 4-credit course is being offered at the special rate of $420/credit.
Q. When is the enrollment deadline?
A. May 5
Q. When does the class start?
A. May 16. You may start the program up to May 20. We would consider later in some extenuating
Q. When is the course over?
A. August 10
Q. Will there be homework?
A. Yes there will be homework that will be administered using the online system that comes with your
Q. Is this a self-paced course?
A. No. This course is not self-paced. You have homework and exam deadlines.
Q. How will I take exams?
A. There will be two exams - a midterm exam and a final exam.
The midterm will be around June 12th. The final exam will be around August 10th. In both cases there
will be a couple of times that you can select from.
Each of these exams will be taken at the Wentworth campus unless there are special circumstances. In
those special cases, the exam may be taken at an official testing center.
You will need to provide photo identification to when you arrive at each exam at Wentworth.
Q. How can I arrange for a testing center?
A. The Consortium of College Testing Centers ( is an organization
that has testing centers across the country and abroad that provide proctoring services to distance
students near their homes. Any fees incurred are your responsibility.
You must send the testing center’s name, phone number and email address to your Wentworth course
professors via email no later than 14 days prior to the scheduled exam. The final approval of your
testing center is at the sole discretion of your course professor. All proctoring arrangements will be
approved at least 7 days prior to the date of the first scheduled exam.
You will need to provide photo identification to your when you arrive at each exam.
Q. How will I learn?
A. For each lesson, you will watch 5-15 minute videos made by the course instructor. After you watch
the video you will do the homework. There will be some online quizzes.
Q. What if I have questions about the material?
A. The course instructor will be available in person on campus if you are local.
If you are not local the course instructor will be available for online office hours if you have questions.
You will be able to “see” your course instructor via skype. Simple questions also can be answered
through email.
Q. I would like to meet the instructor before the course starts. Can I do that?
A. Yes:
1. You can attend an optional in-person information session in early May. That date will be
announced in April.
2. You can arrange to meet with the course instructor:
Professor Penta: