Phases of Meiosis

PART I: Phases of Meiosis Review: Write the name of the phase that corresponds to the description. Include at least one of
the descriptions in your answer.
Name of Phase
Homologous chromosomes pair up and form tetrad, Crossing-over occurs
Spindle fibers move homologous chromosomes to opposite sides
Nuclear membrane reforms, cytoplasm divides, 4 daughter cells formed
Chromosomes line up along equator, not in homologous pairs
New spindle fibers form
Chromatids separate
Homologs line up alone equator
Cytoplasm divides, 2 daughter cells are formed
PART II: Determine the correct order that these cells should go in. Write the corresponding numbers in the correct order on
your own sheet of paper.
1 Diploid Germ Cell___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  4 Haploid Gametes
PART III: CH 11 Vocabulary Review: Write the completed sentence using the correct vocabulary word on your own
sheet of paper.
1. An organism’s reproductive cells, such as sperm or egg cells, are called
a. genes.
c. gametes.
b. chromosomes.
d. zygotes.
2. Chromosomes that are similar in size, shape, and genetic content are called which of the following?
a. homologous chromosomes c. diploid
b. haploid
d. ovum
3. When a cell contains two sets of chromosomes, it is said to be
a. haploid.
c. diploid.
b. binary.
d. budding.
4. When a cell contains one set of chromosomes, it is said to be
a. haploid.
c. diploid.
b. crossing-over.
d. homologous.
5. A type of cell division that halves the number of chromosomes is known as
a. anaphase.
c. mitosis.
b. meiosis.
d. gametophyte.
6. What process occurs during prophase I of meiosis?
a. cytokinesis
c. crossing-over
b. random fertilization
d. chromosome
7. The union of the gametes during fertilization leads to the production of a(n)
a. alternation of generations. c. organism.
b. zygote.
d. chromosome.
8. The random distribution of homologous chromosomes in the formation of the gametes is
a. independent assortment.
c. crossing-over.
b. zygote.
d. chromosome
9. What gamete is produced in quantities of four cells during meiosis?
a. asexual
c. sporophyte
b. ovum
d. sperm
10. What gamete is produced as one large cell and three smaller cells during meiosis?
a. asexual
c. sporophyte
b. ova
d. sperm
11. Diploid is an example of a
a. life cycle.
c. haploid cycle.
b. cell cycle.
d. sperm cell.
Part IV: Concept Map: Using the word
bank below, complete the concept map
that’s pictured on the left.
Word Bank:
homologous chromosomes
meiosis II
haploid sperm and ovum
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