Infectious disease

Infectious disease
1. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome that has killed over 1 million people since the
2. Inflammation of the liver accompanied by fever and often jaundice.
3. Acute contagious disease caused by a virus, a killer strain claimed many lives in 1918.
4. Disease carried by a species of tick and named after a Connecticut site.
5. Form of pneumonia caused by bacterial infection and named from an outbreak at an
American Legion Convention.
6. Disease causing chills and fever, carried by the anopheles mosquito.
7. Communicable disease usually of the lungs, also called consumption.
8. Any of a genus of bacteria causing food poisoning and named after an American
9. Contagious infection of the throat accompanied by high fever and the formation of
membranous substances that block breathing.
10. Infectious intestinal disease with vomiting and diarrhea that killed many in Peru in
11. Infectious disease caused by exposure to poultry that have this virus.
12. Disease currently found in Africa and is often transmitted from burial of a person
with this virus that is transferred through the blood and other bodily secretions.
13. Disease caused from bacillus, can lay dormant for 20 years, and causes permanent
damage to the skin, nerves, and limbs.
14. Disease transmitted by mosquitos named for the jaundice causing discoloration of the
skin and eyes.
15. Disease that affects children causing paralysis and has decreased 99% since 1988.
Infectious Diseases
2. Hepatitis
3. Influenza (Flu)
4. Lyme Disease
5. Legoionnaire’s Disease
6. Malaria
7. Tuberculosis
8. Salmonella
9. Diptheria
10. Cholera
11. Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)
12. Ebola
13. Leprosy
14. Yellow Fever
15. Polio