I. Criteria for Redesignation of English Learners

Education Code 52164.6 requires that redesignation (reclassification) criteria be
established by each school district in which students of limited-English proficiency
are enrolled. Redesignation is the term used when a student, who was initially
identified as limited English-proficient has developed sufficient English language
skills to function in English-only instruction. The designation of such a student is
changed from limited English-proficient to fluent-English proficient (FEP).
Criteria for Redesignation of English Learners
The following criteria are used in the Whittier Union High School District as the
process for redesignation to determine when English learner students have
developed the English language skills necessary to succeed in mainstream English
instruction. Students in grades 9-12 will be reviewed for redesignation.
Criteria and Supporting Documentation
a. State Testing and Assessment Report (STAR)
 Overall score of 4 or 5 on the California English Language Development
Test (CELDT)
 At least “Basic” level on the English Language Arts Content Standards
Tests (CST)
b. Classroom Performance
a. A “C” or better in core academic subjects required for graduation
during the last grading period.
Classroom teacher, counselor, principal, or designee, will recommend student
candidates for redesignation based on the achieved criteria stated quarterly as
CELDT results are received at the school sites.
The notification letter to parents will specify the criteria for redesignation and
program(s) that the student will participate in after redesignation process is
The redesignated student is placed in the appropriate mainstream English class(es)
and is monitored and evaluated for a two-year period.
From Master Plan for English Learners Executive Summary 2008 Page 7
Monitoring and Evaluation of Redesignation Students
Follow-Up Plan for Redesignation
The progress for former English learner students is followed for at least two years
to ensure that they are achieving academically compared to average native speakers
in the English mainstream instructional program.
The English learner designee or site administrator will inform classroom teachers,
special education teachers, and counselors of students who have been redesignated.
At any time a classroom teacher may bring to the attention of the English learner
designee and/or counselor any redesignated student who is not progressing in the
core curriculum areas at a rate comparable to that of an average native speaker.
Monitoring of Redesignated Students
Data from the following multiple measures will be reviewed to determine that
redesignated students are maintaining academic achievement:
 “Basic” and above levels on the California Content Standards Tests in
English/Language Arts and Math
 Academic achievement based on report card and grade point average of core
subjects in the secondary schools
 Teacher referrals for additional intervention
 Intervention for students who fall below redesignation criteria after
From Master Plan for English Learners Executive Summary 2008 Page 8
The Horizons Directors monitor(s) the progress of redesignated students at the end
of each grading period for two years following a student’s redesignation. Students
who are beginning to fall behind will receive support services, which may include
one or more of the following:
 Student/teacher/parent conferences to determine needs
 After-school tutoring
 Specialized reading, writing, or math instruction
 English Language Development instruction
 Placement in reading or math support classes
 Possible referral for further assessment/evaluation
Site Administrator
Horizons Director at each school site
Classroom Teacher
Educational Services Division
Oversees process and procedures at school
 Monitors identification and
redesignation process at the school site.
 Recommends students for redesignation.
 Contacts parents and requests
 In-services teachers on criteria and
 Monitors student progress for two years.
 Processes students who meet
redesignation criteria and assesses
students to determine competencies.
 Provides curriculum that is standards
based using common assessments
district wide.
 Oversees procedure for District support
 Coordinates procedure at District level.
 Provides training for site and district
From Master Plan for English Learners Executive Summary 2008 Page 9
Redesignation Flow Chart
Objective data on
Academic Performance
CELDT Test score
of 4 or 5
“Basic” or above on the
California Content
Standards Tests in
English / Language Arts
“C” or better in core
graduation required
Parental Notification
and/or Consultation
Student is redesignated
as FEP
Placement of student in
appropriate program services
Monitor student progress
for two years.
From Master Plan for English Learners Executive Summary 2008 Page 11
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