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Discussion/Action Items
A library would like to request that item type KIT be restricted to holds by owning Group.
The request from the library is as follows:
“We would like to request that kits be might unholdable. Our kits contain videos, audios, games
with many small parts, etc. as well as books. Videos and audios are not currently holdable from
outside your system, are they? Why should a kit that contains these items be holdable? One of
our kits might contain up to 70 items in it. None of us here believe that another library system
would truly want to be responsible for these types of items since few if any libraries in PINES
owns kits like this.”
The subcommittees’ votes were 10 YES and 3 NO.
Some of the YES arguments were that it makes it difficult to account for all of the pieces that go
out with a kit especially if it leaves the library system. And that the contents of the kits often
include multi-media of which we currently do not allow for system holds on audio-visual media.
Some of the NO arguments were that it is part of the lending service we offer. We have kits,
containing audios, videos, etc., and we gladly loan them to anyone who asks. Not that many
people ask, but it is nice to know that our work in compiling them is appreciated.
Subcommittee recommendation: Item Type KIT should not be holdable outside the owning
An item type that circulates for 7 days with no renewals, but IS available for system-range
holds throughout PINES. Possible name READLIST.
The request from the library is as follows:
“I am requesting a change in the requested item type of readlist. Please amend the request to
have a new item type called readlist that would allow items to be circulated for 7 days without the
ability to renew. Group holds, as well as system holds WILL be allowed on this item type.
The need is to turn over books on a reading list to allow fair opportunity to all library users to
have access to a specific group of titles that must be read within a specific period of time. This
will not affect other PINES libraries from having access to the titles and, if the borrowing library
receives a holds item that is of a readlist item type, they can manually change the circulation
period to two weeks when checking out the item to their patron -- which preserves the item type
designation (to the benefit of the owning library) and enables the borrowing library to enjoy the
same benefits of the title as all PINES materials.
Best Seller as an item type does not satisfy the profile of these reading items because PINES
removes the item type after a month, which throws these items into a two week circulation mode
with renewal capability - that defeats the entire purpose of this needed item type designation and
creates additional work for the owning library throughout the year. New Book item type does not
satisfy the profile because, although it allows the title to be in this type for 6 months, the majority
of titles on a reading list are not new books and thus skews all statistical analysis.”
The initial request for this new item type restricted the items to group-range holds; the
subcommittees’ overall votes for this were 2 YES and 10 NO. There was a revision of the request
during the voting process. The revision was to allow system range hold instead of just group
range. The count after the revision was 4 YES and 2 NO and 1 YES if the software can handle it.
Some subcommittee members and PINES staff have concerns that this item type will lead to
confusion in patrons, since ITEM TYPE does not display in WebCat, and they will not be aware
of the limitations of the loan period and renewals. Please note that the loan period indicated in
this item type is permanent, and does not change or roll over.
Some that voted YES preferred the item type to be named 7DAY instead of READLIST.
Subcommittee recommendation: Create a new item type 7DAY with a 7-day loan period, no
renewals, that can be held system-wide.
Approval of Additional Piedmont Regional Library Policy Names
Talmo Public Library - PIED-TAL
Pendergrass Public Library - PIED-PEN
Creation of Centralized Cataloging Unit for Original Cataloging
A PINES library requested that the Cataloging subcommittee consider the creation of a
centralized cataloging unit for original cataloging. This would provide an internal option of
outsourcing for member libraries that are unable or do not have a staff member who can create an
original record for specific items.
After much discussion, the cataloging subcommittee decided to recommend that PINES explore
the possibility of creating a unit that would begin with original cataloging of videorecordings
and/or genealogical/locally published material that represent the bulk of the backlog of items for
original cataloging.
Contracting with Commercial Vendors for Original Cataloging of Library Materials
A PINES library requested discussion and a vote on allowing PINES member libraries to contract
with commercial vendors for original cataloging of library materials. The subcommittee voted on
the following statement: PINES will allow member libraries to contract for commercial vendor
outsourcing of original cataloging in the three formats for which we have enhance approval
(books, videorecordings and sound recordings) following guidelines to be established by the
PINES cataloging coordinator and approved by the subcommittee. OCLC access will be through
the individual member libraries authorization and passwords. This motion failed (vote was 5
against, 1 for)
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