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St Petersburg (4 nights) – Pskov (2 nights) – St Petersburg (1
Dates: year round, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays
Duration: 8 days / 7 nights
It is not simply the stunning architectural design or time-respected customs that make Saint Petersburg a
destination on every genuine travel junkie's pail list. Established by Peter the Great in 1703, the city has
constantly held a notoriety for aesthetic ability and an energetic, cosmopolitan climate, enlivened by the other
awesome European urban communities – Amsterdam, Vienna, Rome and Venice – while staying something
completely and exceptionally its own. Today, St Petersburg is a vibrant city of 5 million inhabitants, attracting
thousands of tourists all over the world. This visit is a mesh presentation into Russia's staggering 'second
capital', venerated as a living gallery with terrific, mind blowing gems to be found around every corner. In five
days you'll pilgrim all the most unmissable highlights of the city and its suburbs. Take a look at daily life in the
downtown, feast your eyes on the phenomenal fortunes of the State Hermitage Museum, walk the old country
palaces and investigate stylish neighborhoods with world-class shopping and dining around Nevsky Prospect.
The Northwestern part of Russia is known for its ancient towns, many of them fortified with Kremlins and all
containing medieval cathedrals and other monuments. This tour will give you a great opportunity to break away
from the bustle of the city and see the real Russia. You will make stops in the most important towns of the Silver
Ring - Velikiy Novgorod, Pskov, Izborsk and Pechory. Each of these towns are home to unique monuments of
Russian history and culture. Come explore the history of ancient Russia with us!
Tour program:
Arrival, transfer to the hotel, check in.
In the morning we will go on a panoramic city tour of St. Petersburg, the city which is called ¨Venice of the
North¨ for its numerous rivers and canals that divide Saint Petersburg into beautiful islands. We will make
several photo stops, one will be on St. Isaac’s square near magnificent St. Isaac’s Cathedral; the other in the
Field of Mars that has a unrivalled view of the Church of Our Saviour on Spilt Blood; then at the Spit of
Vasilievsky Island to enjoy the splendid panorama of the Peter and Paul fortress, the Winter Palace and the
river Neva. Afterwards, we will go for the walking tour to the Peter and Paul Fortress, the cradle of the city.
Lunch on your own
We will dedicate this afternoon to a visit of the world renowned State Hermitage museum, one of the largest
museums in the world. Its collections comprise over three million items, including the largest collection of
paintings in the world. Among the treasures of the Hermitage are works by Leonardo da Vinci, Rafael, Tiziano,
Michelangelo Buonarroti, Rembrandt, Monet, Manet, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Gauguin etc.
Day Breakfast.
Today we go to the majestic summer residence of Russian Emperors: Peterhof (optional – 55 USD)
Peterhof is located on the Southern cost of the Gulf of Finland, 29 kilometers away from St. Petersburg. Here
a small house for Peter the Great was built in 1705, where the Tsar could take a rest on his way from Kronstadt
to St. Petersburg. In 1714 the Emperor made a decision to turn Peterhof into his main out-of-town residence.
Here in the 18th and the 19th centuries a grandiose complex of eleven parks, dozens of buildings, and
pavilions with more than 200 fountains and numerous sculptures was formed in the area of over 1000 hectares.
The Grand Palace built to the Elizabeth in baroque style is a composition centre of the Ensemble. The Grand
Fountain Cascade, which is unique both technically and artistically, form a decorative pedestal for the Palace.
The Grand Cascade embellished with numerous fountains, gilded statutes, bas-relief, and vases is crowned
with the sculpture group known as “Samson Tears Open the Lion’s Jaws”, which is dedicated to the victory of
Russia in the Northern War.
As you travel to Peterhof, you will be given detailed information about the history of the Peterhof Road and the
town of Peterhof. Upon arrival, you will embark on a comprehensive tour of the Peterhof Grand Palace and
Today we embark on a tour to the favourite residence of Catherine II – Tsarskoye Selo (optional – 55 USD)
Pushkin – “The Tsarskoye Selo” is a brilliant monument of world architecture and park and garden artistry of
the 18th-20th centuries. A magnificent group of architects, sculptors and painters brought the desires of their
royal clients to a masterpiece. Imperial rulers from Catherine II to Nicholas II have left their mark on Tsarskoye
Selo. The compositional center of the ensemble is the Catherine Palace, a magnificent baroque-style palace.
The Great Hall of the palace and the Golden Enfilade of formal halls, among which can be found the Amber
Room, amaze with the luxury of their decoration. More than 100 architectural objects with a total area of 300
hectares occupy the territory of the Catherine and Alexander Parks: from the most magnificent palaces and
monuments, to pavilions and bridges. Strolling through the alleys of these parks, you will be treated to views of
whimsical lodges, elegant classical buildings, many monuments executed in marble, exotic constructions
designed to imitate gothic style, and also Turkish and Chinese architecture which lend the park a romantic air.
Upon arrival you will visit the Catherine Palace with Amber Room and park
Your afternoon transfer to the Pulkovo aiport. In the morning you can take optional boat cruise excursion (16
USD, in summer).
Flight time is around 45 minutes. Arrival in Pskov in the evening, transfer to your hotel.
Breakfast at the hotel.
In the morning, you will be taken on a Pskov city tour. You will visit the Kremlin, the Trinity Cathedral, the
Dovmont’s Town, and the Administrative Chambers. You will also see merchant houses dating back to XVII
Pskov is one of the most ancient cities in Russia. It is the administrative center of the Pskov Oblast located in
the European part of Russia. Visiting Pskov will give you an excellent opportunity to see firsthand how the
Rus(an ancient name of Russia and its people) developed.
Pskov is also home to the world-famous Pskov paintings - masterpieces of ancient art including icons and
frescoes. It is also home to many fabulous works of ancient, Russian architecture. In the 16th century, Pskov
was well known as one of Russia’s most beautiful cities with its magnificent churches and cathedrals. In the
18th century, Pskov was considered to be the third most important Russian city after Moscow and St.
After lunch you will head to Izborsk and Pechory.
Izborsk is a village in the Pechora district in the region of Pskov, approximately 850 km from Moscow and 300
km from St. Petersburg. Izborsk is home to an ancient settlement and a stone fortress set on the Zheravyej
mountain. Here, much of Russian history began. Meetings between different nations took place here and the
city is still a place where their cultures, traditions and faiths are intertwined. Artists and writers always found
sources of inspiration in this area. Today, the past and present of Izborsk is studied by archaeologists,
ecologists, anthropologists, linguists and folklorists.
You will visit the Izborsk Fortress that dates back to the XIV century. You will also get the opportunity to sample
the healing waters of Slovensky Springs, also known as the Springs of the 12 Apostles. In about half an hour,
you will reach Pechory
Pechory is a small town located 43 km from Pskov. The town was founded in 1472 when the Assumption
Church that was dug out of the rock was consecrated here. This was the first church of the Pskov-Pechory
Assumption Cave Monastery. Being located on the Russian – Estonian border, Pechory was an important
Russia’s outpost. Because of this strategic location, a mighty fortress was built here in 1565. The fortress more
than once succumbed to the onslaught of Polish and Swedish forces in the XVI-XVIII centuries. In 1782,
Pechory was granted the status of a town. During WWI, the town was occupied by the German army. After the
war, Pechory became the site of a struggle between the Red Army and the troops of bourgeois Estonia.
Estonia won the struggle and Pechory became a part of its territory. This was favorable for the monastery as it
was not closed down as most churches and monasteries were during the Soviet times. In 1944, Pechory
became part of Russia. The Assumption Cave Monastery is still the heart of town.
In Pechory, you will visit the amazing Cave Monastery – one of the most famous and oldest monasteries in
Russia (founded in 1473).
In the evening you will enjoy free time in Pskov.
In the morning our driver will pick you up at your hotel and take you to Novgorod.
Veliky Novgorod is one of Russia’s most ancient cities and was Russia’s first capital. No other Russian city
can compete with Novgorod in the variety and age of its medieval monuments. It was founded by the Viking
King Rurik in the 9th century who became the first King of Russia and founder of the Rurik Dynasty which ruled
Day the Russian lands until the 16th century. In the 12th century the Novgorod city state controlled most of
Europe´s North-East, from today´s Estonia to the Ural Mountains making it one of the largest states in medieval
Europe. Novgorod is located in the North-West part of the Russia, about 2-3 hours drive from St. Petersburg.
After lunch, you will be taken on a 3-hour sightseeing tour. Your first impression of the city will be the Kremlin of
Novgorod - the oldest in Russia. The structure dates back to 864. You will have the chance to walk along its
ancient walls during your visit. The cathedral of St. Sophia dominates the structure of the Kremlin. Built
between 1045 and 1050 under the patronage of Vladimir Yaroslavich, the son of Yaroslav the Wise. It is the
best preserved of 11th century churches, probably the oldest structure still in use in Russia and the first one to
represent original features of Russian architecture (austere stone walls, five helmet-like cupolas). It is adorned
with beautiful frescoes from the 12th century and icons. The dome of the cathedral is made in the form of a
huge helmet, to show the defendant power of the city. You will also see the Millennium of Russia Monument
that displays Russia’s history from Rurik to Nicholas I.
After lunch you will head to the Yuriev Monastery, a medieval religious complex built in 1030 along the Volkov
River. The Cathedral of St. George will impress you by its size and beauty, as it was initially intended to
surpass even St. Sophia’s cathedral in grandeur.
You will be amazed by the traditional Russian architecture at the open-air museum of Vitoslavlitsy and will
have the chance to become guests of the Teremok fairy-tale houses and see breathtaking examples of
Russian woodcarving.
In the evening, transfer to the train station to take a train to St Petersburg, where you will be met and
transferred to your hotel
Your transfer to the airport is scheduled according to the departure of the plane.
Tour cost, US dollars, per pax:
01.05 - 30.09 + 25.12 – 10.01
01.10 – 24.12 + 11.01 – 20.04
4* BB
Hotels in St Petersburg:
4* Dostoevsky hotel or similar http://www.dostoevsky-hotel.ru/en/
Hotel in Pskov
4* Dvor Podznoeva hotel http://dvorpodznoeva.ru/en/home
-Accommodation: 8 nights at respective hotels or similar
-Buffet breakfast in the hotel
-2 dinners and 2 lunches in Pskov and Novgorod
-Transfers (airport / railway stations)
-Tours and excursions in group
-Transport: a/c minibus or bus or private car for all the tours and transfers
-Train ticket Novgorod-St Petersburg
-Air ticket St Petersburg-Pskov
-English speaking guide
-Entrances to the museums as per the itinerary
-Russian visa support letter
-Russian SIM card (balance to be settled upon arrival)
Not included:
-Air tickets
-Visa fees
-Transfers and excursions in private
-Travel insurance
-Mobile phone rental
-Optional excursions
-Meals not noted in the program. Note: we can book any of the restaurants for a dinner free of charge.
Also there is an option for HB accommodation at 3* hotels in St Petersburg, please enquire for quote and details