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Olympic Cities
All of these cities have hosted either a Winter or Summer Olympics, but you
don’t have to know anything about Olympic sports to answer the questions.
1. This USA city hosted the 1904 Summer Olympics. It is near the confluence of
the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, and has a large Gateway Arch. Name the
2. This European city hosted the 1912 Summer Olympics. It is built beside the
Baltic Sea on 14 islands, and is the capital of Sweden. Name the city.
3. Antwerp and Amsterdam both hosted the Summer Olympics in the 1920s.
Which of these two cities is located in Belgium?
4. St. Moritz hosted the 1948 Winter Olympics. It is in a European country that
was neutral during World War II and has three official languages. Name the
5. This most southerly city to ever host the Olympics, in 1956, is the capital of
the Australian state of Victoria. Name the city.
6. Of the three cities with the largest populations in the world today, Mumbai,
India, is the only one that has not hosted the Games. The other two largest cities
hosted the Summer Olympics in the 1960s. Name ONE of these two cities.
7. As of 2006, there have only been two Canadian cities to host the Olympic
Games, one in the summer of 1976 and one in the winter of 1988. Name one of
these two cities.
8. The most recent USA city to host the Olympics is located beside the largest
body of salt water in North America that is not connected to an ocean. Name the
9. The capital of this country, the birthplace of the Olympics, hosted the Summer
Games in 2004. Name the country.
10. This northern Italian city hosted the Winter Olympics in 2006 and is famous
for manufacturing automobiles. Name the city.
1. St. Louis 2. Stockholm 3. Antwerp 4. Switzerland 5. Melbourne
6. Tokyo (1964) or Mexico City (1968) 7. Montréal (1976) or Calgary (1988)
8. Salt Lake City
9. Greece 10. Torino (or Turin)