Phrasal (Two-Word) Verbs #1: Easy Exercise

Two-Word (Phrasal) Verbs
Give a three-word command using one of these two-word verbs.
---------------------------------------------------------------call up
pick up
put down
put on
put away
take out
try on
turn on
turn over
turn off
take off
wake up
1. I dropped my book.
Pick it up.
2. I want to talk to my mother.
3. The hamburger is done on this side.
4. I don't know if this hat will fit me right.
5. My hands are cold. I have my gloves.
6. I'm hot in this coat!
7. The lights are off and I can't see.
8. Jimmy's at school and it's raining. He can't walk home.
9. Marsha wants to see a movie and have dinner with me.
10. I dropped my chopsticks.
11. My driver's license is inside my wallet, Officer.
12. I'm finished playing with my toys, Mommy.
13. This suitcase is too heavy for me. I'll break my back.
14. Jimmy's still sleeping, and it's time for school!
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