US Government

Westside High School
United States Government and Politics
Mr. Shull (E130)
Welcome to United States government and Politics. The purpose of this course is to enable you to become an
informed citizen about the development and workings of our government. It is my hope that you will become an
active participant in the political process of our country and work with others to improve our government and the
life of others.
Text: McGruder’s American Government, William A. McClenaghan
Tutorials: Tuesdays and Thursdays during the last 30 minutes of lunch or after school by appointment.
Conference period: 7th
Required materials:
Two blue or black pens
Notebook paper
Brad folder
Box of tissue
Course Outline
Unit I: The constitution and Foundations of Government
1. Principles of government
2. Beginnings of American government
3. The Constitution
4. Federalism
Unit II: Political Behavior and Participation
5. Political Parties
6. Election and Campaigns
7. Political Participation and Voter Behavior
8. Public Opinion and Mass Media
9. Interests Groups
Unit III: Institutions of the national Government
10. Congress and the Legislative Branch
11. The Presidency
12. The Executive Branch and the Bureaucracy
13. The courts and the Judicial Branch
Unit IV: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
14. 1st Amendment Freedoms
15. Rights of Due Process
16. Civil Rights
Unit V: Public Policy and Comparative Government
17. Public Policy
18. Comparative Economic and Political Systems
Unit VI: State and Local Government
19. Structure of State and Local Government
20. Policies and Finances of State and Local Government
Rules and Regulations
Students should refer to the Westside Way with respect to the following policies as they will be strictly
adhered to in this class:
Attendance and tardies
Dress code
Electronic devices
Food and drink
Academic integrity
Senior exemption policy
Grading Policy
69 and below