Pastor Benny Hinn Israel Tour

Holy Land Tour
November 1 - 10, 2015
Questions & Answers
Q: Is Israel safe?
A: Yes, According to the Israeli Ministry of tourism Israel is an extremely safe country to visit and tour.
In recent years close to four million tourists came to Israel, an all-time record. Wherever you travel
there are risks however most past participants have said they felt as safe as, or safer than they
did in their own hometown. Pastor Benny has been bringing groups to Israel for over 20 years,
and he will not take a group if he does not believe it is safe for you to go. All through the
planning Benny Hinn Ministries has had your safety in mind. The Israeli government and
Ministry of Tourism is seeing that your security is well taken care of and that our tour group is a
priority when it comes to safety and security. So yes, it is safe for you to tour Israel, and we will
not venture into areas where safety would be a concern.
Q: How many people will be attending the tour?
A: The important thing to remember is, regardless of how many people go on this tour you will
be part of a small intimate group of Benny Hinn partners traveling on the same bus with you for
the entire tour. You will feel like you are touring with 50 people, not like you are in a large
group. Each night when you return to your hotels you will meet up with other bus groups who
are part of the Benny Hinn Tour, and you will enjoy the rich fellowship as you share your day’s
experiences together. The entire tour group will assemble for special meetings and major events
or services with Pastor Benny Hinn. The atmosphere when the entire group comes together is
faith filled and electric! There is no experience to compare with when Benny Hinn partners from
around the world come together in unity to worship in the Holy Land.
Q: What if I will be going by myself, do not have a roommate and traveling alone?
A: That’s wonderful! You will not be alone if booking as part of one of our group flights you will
meet other tour members at the airport, travel with them and a Benny Hinn Ministries
representative will be at the Ben-Gurion airport to greet you upon arrival. You will feel like you
are traveling with family. We encourage everyone who is traveling alone to remember that God
works to make divine appointments and connection to the roommate you will be given. We just
need to get a little information to help match roommates, like approximate age and name of
your home church. If you decide to go alone and match up with a roommate, expect to make a
friend for life. Also there is the option of paying extra for a single room supplement and not
having to share a room with another person. Single supplement (not sharing a room) is an
additional charge $635 to $695 USD.
Q: How much time will Pastor Benny Hinn spend with us?
A: Pastor Benny will hold teaching sessions throughout the tour both in Jerusalem and near the
Sea of Galilee. Everyone will have the opportunity to be baptized by Pastor Benny in the Jordan
River. You will enjoy dynamic and inspiring services with Pastor Benny: services in Jerusalem, a
baptism service on the Jordan River near Jericho, a special service on the shores of the Sea of
Galilee, and other special teaching and prayer times but Pastor Benny will not be touring on the
buses with you. He will make appearances from time to time and meet with different buses
along the way so participants may have the opportunity to can shake his hand and get a picture.
Q: What airlines will we fly?
A: Our agents will book flights for you on one of the major air carriers. They have group space
reserved but will also check to book you on the best available flights to match your departure
and our tour schedule.
Q: What time does our flight leave?
A: We are using several flights for our tour participants. We cannot assign a specific flights and
times until your payment is received. The sooner payments are received the sooner we can get
you the necessary information.
Q: What is included in the tour price?
A: All travel packages that have airfare include roundtrip airfare from the gateway city, all
accommodations, touring, and two meals a day. Land packages include all accommodations,
touring, and two meals a day. You will need extra money for your souvenirs, snacks, bottled
water, other personal items. Tips for hotel service are included in the cost of the tour and will be
distributed to the waiters, busboys, and all the many services provided along the way. However
the tips for the bus drive and guide are not included and will be collected individually from you
once in Israel.
Q: Do I have to find my own way to my departure city?
A: Yes in general you will need to arrange transportation to gateway cities. However our tour
agents will be happy to assist you in making arrangements from your hometown to the
departure city. It is often cost effective to book all the flights at once and through our agents.
When you do this our agents are able to assist you in case of delayed flights, cancelled or missed
flights. TURST ME it is a huge advantage to have one reservation covering all of your flights
together. They will plan your flights to connect with the best available pricing and schedule. You
may find a less expensive flight on your own, but often the connecting flights and long layovers
make for a less than desirable travel experience. Our agents with their experienced travel
experts will help you plan and book the best available flights at the best available prices.
Q: Will Pastor Benny fly on one of the planes with the tour group?
A: It is possible that this may happen. However Pastor Benny will have separate travel plans
based upon his schedule and ministry engagements.
Q: Where will we be staying?
A: Arrangements and reservations have been made at some of the best accommodations that
Israel has to offer. You will usually be assigned to a specific hotel and bus according to your
flight schedule. This year there is the option to upgrade to Deluxe level accommodations
throughout. You will see this option and the cost in the brochure and online as you fill out
registrations or contact the tour agent for more details.
Q: Is there assistance for those who are handicapped?
A: No special assistance is provided. The tour is physical and vigorous. The buses are not
handicap equipped. Passengers registering for the tour accept the responsibility of being in
good health and for being prepared for vigorous to strenuous conditions (walking, hiking,
uneven terrain, etc.). You will benefit greatly if you exercise and train prior to departure for
these physical requirements. Many of the sites in Israel are not accessible to the physically
challenged, so we do not recommend this tour for those needing wheelchairs, canes, walkers,
oxygen, or other ambulatory assistance. If you are in need of any of the above mentioned items,
you may join this tour on the condition that you have an able caregiver who is physically able to
assist you and accompany you from your departure until your return to your hometown.
Without this assistance, we will not be able to confirm your participation. Additional medical
insurance will also be a necessity.
Q: Are there full tour air/land packages available from other countries outside of North
America? I’m from an International country and want an air/land package?
A: Yes in most cases Sarel Tours is able to assist you in booking airfare to and from your home
country. Visit
Q: Where do I send my application and deposit?
A: Online registration is available for all bookings of either a Land Only package or the full
package including airfare and round trip from North America. If mailing in your application send
payment and application to agent listed on application for your country.
Q: What can you tell me about the deposit?
A: The nonrefundable deposit must accompany the application. Applications cannot be
processed without a deposit, as we must commit to the hotels and other vendors with a deposit
for each application we process. Full payment is typically due 61 days before departure;
Q: Is the deposit/final date flexible?
A: Deposits should be sent in as soon as possible, and the remainder may be sent in
installments. To guarantee your flight payment must be received many days ahead, (Please
consult your agent) otherwise they will book you on the best available flight. But be aware that
you may not be flying with the main group and the cost may be higher.
Q: May I pay in payments?
A: Yes you may make payments. After the initial deposit you may make partial payments
weekly, or monthly, or whatever fits your payment schedule (Please consult your agent). Of
course you must pay in full to attend the tour.
Q: What if I want to extend the trip on my own?
A: Of course, after the tour completion you are at liberty to continue on with your own travel
arrangements. Please contact our Benny Hinn Tour agent for any questions regarding post-tour
Q: What is a Land Only Package?
A: A “Land Only Package” allows you to arrange your own travel to and from Israel. It will
provide all the same features of the full tour package except there are no arrangements
included for any international travel or private transfers to and from airport. You are expected
to meet up with the tour group in mid-morning or late afternoon at the Ben-Gurion Airport in
Israel or at your assigned hotel in Tiberias. You tour arrangements & lodging begins the evening
of Nov 2nd in Tiberias and your tour will end with the farewell dinner the day of Nov 9th.
Q: How much does the land package cost?
A: The Land-Only Package includes only the services and tour once you arrive in Israel. The
cost for that portion, purchased separately, $2,199 to $2449 USD (subject to change). We
would still need your flight itinerary in order to know what time to expect you in Israel to
arrange transportation and accommodations for your first night in Israel. Please note: anyone
purchasing a Land-Only Package is asked to arrive in Israel on Monday November 2, 2015. Those
arriving on different dates are not entitled to a transfer. It is extremely important that
Noseworthy Travel Services is aware of your flight arrival and departure information to be
assigned to a bus group with a similar schedule. Single supplement (not sharing a room) is an
additional charge $635 to $695 USD.
Q: Do I need a passport?
A: Yes, you will need a valid passport that is valid 6 months after your date of return. For U.S.
citizens, passports are not a complicated matter and are easily obtained with just a few
documents, forms, a picture, and appropriate fees. Help and guidance is readily available online
at or at your local U.S.
post office.
Q: Do I need a visa?
A: Americans, Canadians and citizens of most western countries* need just a passport to come
to Israel: no visa is required. Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date
you enter the country.
*For more information and a list of countries that do not need a visa, go to
International participants should contact their local consul or embassy for further information.
We do not assist in obtaining visas
Q: Do we need immunizations?
A: No, there are no special inoculation requirements to visit Israel.
Q. Does Benny Hinn Ministries have international offices around the world?
A: Yes, we do have offices in various locations throughout the world. Feel free to contact them
for more information about the tour.
Benny Hinn Ministries – London, England
PO Box 30319
London NW10 7ZP
+44 (0) 208961 1978
Benny Hinn Ministries - South Africa
Private Bag X54335
Durban 4000
South Africa
+(27) 31 5664811
Benny Hinn Ministries – Australia
Benny Hinn Ministries, Ltd.
PO Box 2422
Mansfield, QLD 4122
+61 7 3343 3977
Benny Hinn Ministries – Philippines
PO Box 4475
Manila Central Post Office 1084
Manila, Philippines
Benny Hinn Ministries - India
Benny Hinn Ministries
PO BOX 5505
Bangalore GPO 560 207
+91 80 41233600
Q: What is the name of the tour company in charge of the tour?
A: Once in Israel Sarel Tours will be in charge. For North America our travel agent is Noseworthy
Travel Services. Sarel Tours is working hand in hand with other agents around the globe to
provide special group pricing with airfare for most major cities.
Q: Is the price of the tour considered tax exempt? Is the cost of the tour considered a tax
deductible contribution?
A: No.
Q: When should I register?
A: We recommend registering as soon as possible. At least get your deposit in to reserve your
Q: What’s the latest someone can register?
A: Even up to the departure date, if space is available, a person can register with full payment
and be given a place on the tour. We want to make sure everyone who can go will be able to.
But we would not recommend you take that chance and the closer to departure date the more
airfare can be expected to increase sometimes significantly.
Q: Can I pay by mail?
A: Yes, there is a hard copy brochure that we can send for you to complete. Just fill out the
general information and send to the tour agent whose address is on the application.
Q: How can I pay for the trip?
A: The advertised price includes a discount for paying by cash or check. However you may pay
by credit card and forgo the cash discount.
Q: Are there any discounts for children?
A: No, and we recommend minimum age of 16 years old.
Q: Is there a reduced group cost?
A: If you have a group of 20 or more, please contact Sarel Tours directly for special
Q: Should I take U.S. currency with me?
A: Shekels are used in Israel, however the U.S. dollar is widely accepted. We suggest you bring a
selection of small bills with you.
Q: How safe is the water to drink?
A: The tap water is fine to drink in our hotels, but we would not recommend drinking anything
but bottled outside the hotels. Bottled water will be available to purchase on the bus.
Q: Do we need shots?
A: Shots are not required.
Q: What type of clothes do we bring?
A: We suggest bringing comfortable clothes, especially comfortable walking shoes. The attire in
Israel is usually informal. You will have no real dress-up occasions, even for Sunday or evening
services. Plan on wearing comfortable clothes. You may wear jeans and casual slacks on the
trip. Due to the fact that several of the Holy sites have dress codes forbidding entrance to those
in this attire, we recommend NO shorts, tank tops, cutoff shirts, or sleeveless blouses on this
tour. Dresses for ladies and jackets and ties for men are optional for evening wear but are not
required. Take one jacket or heavy sweater, even during the summer months. Remember when
packing, less is better. Comfortable shoes with nonskid soles are necessary. You will be doing a
great deal of walking, often over uneven terrain and smooth cobblestones. Wash-and-wear
items are very helpful. The following list is intended to help you pack more efficiently. If you
have any special needs, be sure to add those items to your list. Items with an asterisk (*) may be
optional. This list is meant to be a guide and reminder only, not a requirement.
___ blouses, shirts, socks, underwear (take a limited supply—use wash-and-wear)
___ flip flops or old sneakers (for at the Dead Sea and beach)
___ hat
___ sweater or jacket (for cool nights and outdoor meetings)
___ pajamas or sleepwear
___ slacks (long), jeans, skirts (take a limited number)
___ sunglasses
___ swimsuit (modest for bathing in the Dead Sea and under baptismal robe)
___ walking shoes (Good walking shoes are important!)
___ aspirin and/or other nonprescription medications*
___ cold remedy or decongestant tablets*
___ sleeping pills*
___ copies of any prescriptions (in case you need them filled)
___ diarrhea medicine*
___ motion sickness pills*
___ earplugs (handy for airplane and sleeping in hotel)
___ deodorant & other personal hygiene products
___ nail clippers, file (remember not to pack clippers or files in carry-on bag)
___ package of towelettes*
shaving equipment
comb and hairbrush
toothbrush and paste, dental floss
eye drops or contact lens solution*
suntan lotion (sunburn medication/ointment)
___ adapter or converter for all electrical appliances
___ camera, extra batteries or charger
___ extra pair of eyeglasses (or prescription)
___ facial tissues
___ pen, notebook, and small Bible (Old and New Testament)
___ plastic bags (for wet washcloth, laundry, etc.)
___ small umbrella or rain hat
___ tiny flashlight
___ travel alarm
___ washcloth
___ boxed snacks (individually wrapped, travel size)
___ laundry detergent (small supply)
___ small sewing kit
___ cell phone, charger
Q: What are the luggage requirements?
A: International airlines may limit passengers to one large piece of luggage and one carry-on bag
(excluding purse or camera bag). Remember, you will have to carry and lug your own luggage
through the airports, past security and through customs. It is highly recommended that you
bring only one suitcase and one carry-on bag. In addition to satisfying airline regulations, this
limitation also makes it much easier for individuals to keep track of their luggage when it is
being loaded and unloaded from the buses and portered at hotels. Be sure your suitcase closes
and fastens securely (use extra straps if necessary). Mark your suitcase and carry-on bag clearly
so you will be able to distinguish them. Be sure to attach luggage tags securely to your suitcases
where they can be easily seen by the bellhop. Women should consider using only their initials
rather than their first names. It is wise not to pack cameras, expensive jewelry, or other
valuables in your luggage. Keep these with you in your carry-on luggage. PLEASE NOTE due to
limited space on the motor coaches ONLY ONE piece of luggage plus one carry on is allowed per
If your agent provided you with luggage please attach before you begin to travel.
Be sure to pack anything you will need on the flight in your carry-on bag. Also keep a one-day
change of clothes with you in your carry-on luggage, just in case your suitcase should get
delayed in transit. Don’t over pack! Save some room for souvenirs and items you may purchase
and bring back. Remember, on the trip over you will be wearing the same clothes for two days—
walking, riding, and sleeping in airplanes. Dress for comfort!
Q: Am I able to use my electrical appliances in Israel?
A: The electric current in Israel is 220-volt AC, single phase, 50 cycles, which requires special
adapter plugs with round prongs. If you intend to take appliances (hairdryer, electric razor, iron),
make sure they are suitable for both 110 and 220 volts or carry a set of adapter plugs. If your
appliance is for 110 volts only, you will also need a converter. Never plug your 110-volt
appliance into a 220-volt outlet without a converter; it will work at twice its speed for a few
seconds—and never work again!
For important travel information, go to
 Download brochures
 Download packing lists
 Download helpful travel tips
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