2011 Williams Field High School Girls Volleyball Program
Team Expectations
----------------------------Varsity - Coach Rich Lanzone
JV Coach - Ashley Phelps
Freshman Coach – Ceslie Kuklis
Williams Field High School
2076 South Higley Road, Gilbert, AZ 85295
Phone: (480) 279-8017
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A Letter to the 2011 WFHS Black Hawks Girls
Volleyball Players!
Dear Black Hawks Volleyball Players:
We welcome you to the 5th season of the Black Hawks’ Girls Volleyball program! The
Varsity, JV and Freshmen squads are anticipating on having an amazing year.
You have been chosen to become a member of the WFHS Girls Volleyball Program. As of
member of the team, there is inherent responsibility. You must fulfill this responsibility with
100% effort. Being a part of a team means you make a commitment to your school, the
community, the program, your team, your teammates, and your coaches.
Coach Lanzone has coached countless players (both children and adults). Almost all share his
love and passion for the game and continue playing competitive volleyball as an adult
whether it is in the gym or on the sand or both! Some of his high school athletes have gone
on to play college volleyball. You can become as good as those athletes, but it takes dreams,
goals, and then the patience, the hard work, the determination, and the self-discipline in order
to make those dreams come true!
We want your years with us to be a super experience also. Coach Lanzone, Coach Phelps,
Coach Kuklis and the rest of the coaching staff will be there any time you need help.
Someday you will be one of our cherished seniors- we want you to experience a magnificent
senior night and have loads of wonderful volleyball memories. And when your years at
WFHS are over, you’ll always be welcome in our gym, in our practices, and in our hearts.
Good luck! It’s going to be an awesome
Coach Rich Lanzone
Coach Ashley Phelps
Coach Ceslie Kuklis
Proud Coaches of the 2011
Black Hawks Girls Volleyball Team!!!
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2011 Williams Field High School Girls Volleyball
Varsity Coach/ Head Coach
JV Coach
Freshman Coach
Athletic Director
Rich Lanzone
Ashley Phelps
Ceslie Kuklis
Jeremy Arnett
(480) 239-2872
(623) 217-8129
(480) 773-1133
(480) 279-8017
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
This is one of the most important areas to emphasize. The coaching staff truly believes that if
all of us are conscientious in following this, we should not run into any problem that can not
be resolved.
The number one communication rule we have is that we will discuss any and all topics
EXCEPT PLAYING TIME. (playing time policy on page 5)
Players - If you are having frustrations or problems of any kind it is very important that you
speak to your coach as soon as possible. The coaching staff is available to all players at any
time. Please let us know if you have any concerns or issues about the team, school, or
As a final note, parents may not approach the coaches during practices and matches about a
non-emergency issue unless a meeting has been scheduled. We always enjoy chatting with
parents at the conclusion of matches, but cannot address non-emergency issues at that time.
We also cannot interrupt practice sessions.
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2011 Williams Field High School Girls Volleyball
“Development Towards Excellence!”
We employ a philosophy of coaching where beliefs & values form the foundation of the volleyball
program. This philosophy is reflected in the program goals, policies, & expectations.
Coach’s Commitment & Goals.
Your coaching staff loves volleyball and loves coaching. Volleyball played well is a thing of beauty. Athletes
who study the game and apply the lessons learned relish every opportunity to practice and play. Your coaches
are committed to your development as students, as athletes, and as young women. We are motivated on a daily
basis to do all we can to make this team successful. We strive to help you and your teammates become the best
team you can be.
We also want you to understand that success is not only measured by awards and wins and losses; just as
important as these tangible prizes is enjoying the game, the process, and what we learn along the way. We want
you to grow as athletes and people. We want you to learn the meaning of commitment, discipline,
responsibility, and hard work. We want you to be confident in yourselves. We want you to take the lessons that
you learn from competing in volleyball and use them to help you achieve in all areas in your life. We strive to
inject each player with a love for the sport- we want you to find enjoyment through competing on the court.
Player’s Commitment.
Each player must commit themselves to the team and Black Hawks Girls Volleyball Program.
Expectations of a Player’s Commitment include:
1. PUTTING THE TEAM FIRST- As a Black Hawks volleyball player, you agree that the team is paramount.
Your individual goals and your team’s goals do not necessarily conflict, but when they do, you accept that
decisions are made for the good of the team.
2. BUILDING TRUST & RESPECT- You must trust your coach and your teammates, and behave in a way
that keeps their respect. It is highly probable that if you have this trust and follow our advice, your game will
improve greatly.
3. BEING COACHABLE- Our job is to coach you. We have a great deal of experience and success doing
this. You must be willing to make changes according to your coaches’ suggestions. If we are “on you”,
correcting you and pushing you, it is usually because we have confidence in your abilities.
4. DEVELOPING A WORK ETHIC- This program is built on a strong work ethic. We will give you our best
effort and we expect that you will do the same. Everyone wants to win- you must be motivated to give it your
5. BEING POSITIVE- Infect others with your enthusiasm! A positive attitude is a winning attitude.
6. COMMUNICATING- Communicating loudly and ALWAYS is the critical element on the volleyball court
that makes the difference between a good team and a great team.
7. HAVING BALANCE - To balance athletics, academics, work, and family, you must plan ahead and
sometimes make difficult choices. The choices you make affect your future opportunities. Successful studentathletes take their obligations and responsibilities seriously on the court and in the classroom.
8. DEVELOPING SPORTSMANSHIP- Be a good sportsperson. Respect the opponent, and thus , love the
game. Play with class and focus on your play and that of your teammates. Celebrate good plays on our side of
the net!
9. FIND THE JOY IN THE GAME- Volleyball is one of the most fun sports in the world. You know you’ve
chosen the right sport if you simply can't wait to get back in the gym, and absolutely love stepping on the court
with your friends and teammates every chance you get.
10. “PLAYING” IT FORWARD!- As you move through high school, share your new skills and insight with
new or younger players. Be generous with your time. Later, you may consider helping at the high school,
middle school, or other levels as a coach, assistant, or referee. Black Hawks Volleyball is looking forward to
developing a strong tradition of active and involved volleyball alumnus.
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2011 Williams Field High School Girls Volleyball
Discipline Procedures
I. Athlete Responsibilities and Requirements
The Black Hawks Girls Volleyball Program adheres to all Athlete responsibilities and
This includes both AIA rules, including academic eligibility and Williams Field High School
requirements for participation, attendance, school related behavior, terminating a sport,
equipment, transportation, and Athletic Trainer Clearance.
II. Black Hawks Girls Volleyball Team Discipline Policy
If discipline is needed, it will be administered in a fair and firm manner. Each case of discipline
will be judged individually. The coach, with the assistance of the administration if deemed necessary,
has the final decision in any discipline situation.
Rules of Conduct
Your coaches do not expect or need a lot of rules, but we do expect you to realize that the
manner in which you conduct yourselves directly reflects on the entire team and school. Team
members should play, behave, and act like student-athletes with class who promote good
sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude on the court, in school, and in the
Attendance Policies
Student athletes are expected to attend and participate in all practices, game matches,
tournaments, conditioning sessions, meetings, fundraisers, and team functions. This level of
commitment is necessary in order to help structure a successful season.
1. Unexcused lateness disrupts practice flow and will not be tolerated. Rule of thumb is if
practice is at 2:45, plan to be there 5 minutes earlier; two unexcused “lates” will count as an
absent practice.
2. One unexcused/uninformed absence- expect a meeting with the coach; The athlete will be
informed they have used their “mulligan”.
3. Two unexcused/unapproved absences- athlete will be informed that they will miss a set in
the next game.
4. Three unexcused/unapproved absences-athlete will forfeit their place on the roster
5. Absences are considered excused if:
A. the player notifies the coach in advance and the coach approves the absence.
B. a conversation occurs with a parent or a note is received that is written, signed, &
dated by a parent only and the coach approves the absence.
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2011 Williams Field High School Girls Volleyball
TEAM POLICIES (continued)
Playing Time
Playing time is a sensitive subject on any team. Your coaches will attempt, whenever possible, to provide
playing time for every athlete on the roster. But these opportunities cannot be guaranteed. The decision to give
one player more time on the court means another player will get less. As such, the coaches know that with each
decision, however well-considered, comes the likelihood that someone will be disappointed. Strong teams have
strong benches. Players who keep focused on the match while not on the court greatly increase their chances of
success once they enter the game. Spirited bench players almost always infect their teammates with optimism
and extra energy. Also, lineup decisions are primarily the result of careful consideration about our own team’s
chemistry, and our opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Playing time is earned by hard work, proven
performance, and a positive attitude. A player’s volleyball experience should not be judged solely by the
amount of playing time they get or do not get in matches.
As a Black Hawks Girls volleyball player, you maintain the same focus and enthusiasm whether you are
between the lines or on the bench. You accept that playing time is decided by the coaches for the good of the
team in the circumstances of the moment. You know that WFHS’s bench is its secret weapon: every player has
her head in the game at every moment, and is ready to come in at any opportunity.
Practice Policy
Practice is the time and opportunity for athletes to work on their skills without worrying about outside
influences. Because of this, practices are closed to limit distractions for everyone.
1. Safety is our first priority.
2. Follow the rules stated for absences and latenesses.
3. Practice starts promptly at 2:45 pm- players are expected to be dressed and have the nets set up.
4. Practice uniforms should consist of comfortable and appropriate clothes: red or black t-shirt (no cut offs),
shorts/spandex, socks and court shoes. Do not wear spaghetti-strap tops or shirts exposing a bare midriff.
5. Do not wear jewelry (including earrings) to the gym.
6. Knee pads are required at all times- at practices, matches, and tournaments.
7. Each day every player should try to warm up with, and practice with a different player in practice drills.
8. Conditioning will be a regular part of our practice sessions.
9. Cell phones should be turned off during the entire time of practice or placed in the athlete’s locker. Messages
can be checked at the end of practice, not during.
10. At the end of practice, everyone participates in equipment removal and appropriate storage. Only then will
the team be dismissed!
Matches & Traveling
1. On match days (primarily Tuesdays & Thursdays), the Varsity, JV and Freshmen teams must attend each
other’s matches as well as their own. The team not playing helps the other team during setup, warm-ups, and
cleanup. The team not playing should be a vocal supporter of their teammates who are playing! No one may
leave the combined VarsityJV/Freshmen matches early unless she receives permission from her coach.
2. Cell phones should be turned off during the entire match or tournament. Messages can be checked at the end
of the game, not during.
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2011 Williams Field High School Girls Volleyball
As a team member I understand that I will, by my participation, contribute to team development and
Furthermore, I know that I am committing myself to work together with other individuals,
players, and coaches, who will expect me to participate to my fullest. I will work to alleviate any
conflicts that arise as I manage my time as a student, family member, friend, and volleyball player. I
understand that my commitment to my team will require some sacrifices that may require tough
I will support the spirit of good sportsmanship and scholarship. I will strive to be a tenacious
competitor on and off the court, in and out of the classroom, and I will also be gracious to those I am
playing with and against. I understand that I am a role model and I am representing myself, my
family, my team, my coaches, my school, and my community.
I will encourage open communication between myself and other team members. I will accept
constructive criticism and use it to drive myself to become a better volleyball player. I will make
every effort to stay as positive and supportive as I can be.
I understand that there is more to volleyball than winning, and that there are lessons to be learned
every time I step on the court or when I am with the team. I understand individual athlete behaviors,
in terms of leadership, attitudes, and performance, shape the dynamics of the team and that all
teammates are dependent on each other for the success of the team. I will support my teammates and
coaches, and will accept my role on the team by performing in it to the best of my abilities.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------By signing below, I understand that I agree to adhere to the procedures set forth in the Team Expectations and any
other procedures/instructions deemed appropriate by the coaching staff and Black Hawks Girls Volleyball Program.
Player signature: _________________________________________
Date ___________________
Parent signature: _________________________________________
Date ___________________
Parent signature: _________________________________________
Date ___________________
Go Black Hawks!
Make the 2011 volleyball season the best ever.
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