Audit of Wastes/Hazardous wastes etc

Environmental Auditing-Day 3
Audit of Wastes/Hazardous wastes etc
Audit areas questionnaire:
1. Has the Government formulated a work policy at the National/Regional and
local level?
2. If so, whether there are implemented through five year plans/ yearly budget
3. Whether the waste policy covers all the stages of waste stream?
4. Does it help prevention of generation of waste?
5. Does it consider international conventions signed?
6. Are there any gaps or in consistencies in the work policy?
1. Have the general environmental policy and the waste policy been reflected,
specified and put in concrete terms in instruments such as legislation, plans,
budgets and financial tools?
2. Who are all the actors in the compliance field?
3. How does government monitor and enforce the actors?
4. Are governmental agencies involved?
5. Are Non-governmental agencies (NGOs) involved?
6. If NGOs are involved in compliance how are activities monitored?
7. What are the financial implications in the involvement of NGOs?
8. Is there any target set for waste policy – Timeliness for
9. If so who monitors and what is the extent of reduction abatement?
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Environmental Auditing-Day 3
1. Has the govt assessed the risk involved in Waste Management?
2. Has it any measures to manage the risk?
3. Has there been any threat to environment due to the risk?
4. If so how grave the threat is?
5. Are there procedures to prevent negative incidents?
6. What are the financial implication in the program for risk Management?
1. Have the policies, regulations etc been implemented efficiently and
2. Have there been delays in their implementation?
3. Have resources needs been identified?
4. Have the resources been made available?
5. Were the resources well spent?
6. Is there any agency to monitor the spending/saving etc?
7. Is there an E I A before implementing a new work initiatives?
1. Is the structure of the Waste Management System appropriate for solving the
2. What are the responsibility centers/accountability centers?
3. What are the roles of regulatory authorities?
4. Do the pollution control Boards control the generations of waste/Hazardous
5. If so through what mechanism?
6. Are there any stringent penalty for not complying with directives of the
7. If so, have they been collected for non-compliance?
8. Is there any lapses in collection of such penalties due to lapses in procedure?
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Environmental Auditing-Day 3
9. Does the system operate efficiently?
Compliance with national Law and regulations
1. Who are all the key players in the process?
2. Are all waste/hazardous waste activities and liabilities accurately accounted
3. Are there any illegal practices in connection with the waste handling?
4. Has the govt assessed extent of illegal practices?
5. Has the extent of environmental degradation assessed and accounted for?
Compliance of International obligation
1. Are the policies, legislation and practice in compliance with international
obligations and commitments to which the country has agreed?
2. Is the parliament/Legislature kept appraised of the implementation of
international commitments?
3. Is the parliament/Legislature initiates action where satisfactory compliance
has not been done?
4. What is the mechanism for monitoring that?
5. Is there any continual monitoring?
1. Are there adequate systems to monitor implementation of international
accords on waste/national level legislation?
2. Is the information being gathered?
3. Is it being used for further monitoring?
4. Are there control and inspection procedures for ensuring compliance with
requirements and do there procedures work?
5. Have necessary sanctions been established and are they adequately used?
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Environmental Auditing-Day 3
6. Is there monitoring of emission, leachates, groundwater contamination etc.
Effects of govt activities
1. Is there any generation of waste/hazardous waste due to governmental
activities such as construction, transported.
2. Is the waste from governmental environmental activities properly managed?
3. Are the govt agencies complying with legislation, policy?
4. Have adequate funds been provided by the Govt for work hazardous waste?
5. Have there funds been spent well?
6. Are there any savings, which have not been spent by governmental agencies?
7. Is govt, giving funds to NGOs?
8. Are there any systems to audit the funds given to NGOs?
9. Are the submitting audited accounts?
10. Is Govt monitoring receipt of audited accounts?
11. What action is being taken by for non-receipt of audited accounts?
12. What action is being taken by govt for recovery of unspent amount from
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