Nouns Tic Tac Toe

Nouns Tic-Tac-Toe
1. Write 10 sentences that 2. Look through a
3. Create a board
contain nouns found in
magazine/newspaper and
game that involves
school. At least one noun
locate 10 nouns. Cut them
nouns as the theme.
per sentence.
out and use them in a new
4. Choose a picture book 5. Write a story that has
6. Use
and locate all of the nouns.
“Captain Noun” as the main
Write them on a sheet of
character. How does he make
to create a word find
paper with the page
sentences better for everyone
that has at least 10
number. There is no need
like a superhero makes life
nouns related to a
to repeat nouns.
better for the public?
birthday party.
7. Make up a rap
8. Choose a picture from 9. Create a poster that has
song that teaches
the folder. Identify the
three sections labeled person,
what a noun is.
nouns from A to Z
place, thing. Fill the columns
according to what is in the
with words from a story in
the theme you are reading.
I choose activities #__________, #__________, and #__________,
From Teaching Young Gifted Children in the Regular Classroom by Joan Franklin Smutny, Sally Yahnke Walker, and Elizabeth A. Meckstroth, copyright © 1997.
Free Spirit Publishing Inc., Minneapolis, MN; 866/703-7322; This page may be photocopied or printed for individual or classroom work only.
Since Free Spirit Publishing allows educators to adapt this form to their needs, it may have been modified from its original format and content. Adapted from
Teaching Gifted Kids in the Regular Classroom by Susan Winebrenner, © 2002. Used with permission from Free Spirit Publishing Inc.
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